Incitement European Summit

Tackling the world’s problems through social entrepreneurship

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EVENT: Social Innovation

Let’s tackle the world’s problems through social entrepreneurship

Have you ever noticed how we’re pouring millions of dollars into big organisations claiming to solve social issues, but nothing is really changing? In fact, the global situation is getting worse and worse. Poverty is ever on the rise, clean water and energy still isn’t available to more than half of the globe’s population and true equality is yet to be established, just to name a few…

We believe that’s because the current system for solving social issues isn’t working, and at the Incitement Europe we’ll tell you exactly why we think that and how we should change it. Join us for the Incitement European Summit in Brussels, where we have some brilliant speakers lined up for you to talk about social innovation. Our aim is to create awareness around global issues and design solutions through social business models.

After attending this event, you’ll know exactly how to kickstart your own social project from scratch, how to line up the sponsors and investors behind your cause and how to organise kick-ass events that attract hundreds of people passionate about your cause.

With grit and care Incitement is pushing the boundaries of social businesses to the next level. We believe firmly that doing business in an ethical manner really isn’t all that hard. Purpose and profit can go hand in hand seamlessly — and we are on a mission to prove it to you. Are you in?

Act quickly, because for a limited time you can get your tickets for only €159 €99, and we have only 150 tickets available! (PS: we will sell out, so act fast.)

Incitement Europe

Here’s your chance to mingle with some of brightest minds in the social industry.

Listen to their stories and toss your own ideas around, while you spar with today’s game changers in social innovation.

At the Incitement European Summit you’ll learn exactly how to setup your own social projects from scratch for only €159 99.

Introducing: your speakers

David Kord Murray

United States

David is author or the best-selling book Borrowing Brilliance and has an impressive résumé. Not only is he a rocket scientis for NASA and the Pentagon, he’s also a successful entrepreneur, having sold Taxnet, a company he co-founded that specializes in e-filing software.

Steffie Limere


Steffie connects leading thinkers with the hottest student talent at Factory of Imagination, a factory that makes ideas, not things. At just 25 years old, she enables young people to collaborate with international experts from NASA, Google, and Facebook, to name a few.

Zikry Kholil


Zikry co-founded Incitement in 2011, with the goal of promoting volunteerism and social impact amongst youths. Incitement is now a thriving international community present in more than 45 countries, with 100’s of events hosted and 1000’s of committed volunteers.

Here’s what you’ll get out of the event

    Learn to identify social needs and measure impact

    You will work with Zikry Kholil, co-founder of Incitement and co-inventor of the Hourglass tool. With this tool you’ll be able to identify social needs around you and measure the impact of your social project.

    Learn to design practical solutions for social issues

    Work with David Kord Murray, the author of bestseller book “Borrowing Brilliance” on finding solutions for identified social issues.

    Recruit and organize

    Learn from Steffie Limere how to recruit passionate people and organize a kick ass event that attracts hundreds of people.

    Level up your social business

    Work on your own business model using Incitement’s framework and mentors and bring it to the next level.

    Connect and promote

    You’ll be able to use Incitement’s global network to connect with likeminded social entrepreneurs and promote and find support for your own social project.

    Get access to Incitement’s social toolkit

    Receive Incitement’s social toolkit packed full of useful tools and get help in funding your NGO, applying for grants and pitching your projects to sponsors.


    Incitement is a community of independent event organizers aimed at creating awareness around social issues and designing solutions for them using social entrepreneurship as a business model. Get connected to people who can help you kickstart your social project and learn the best ways to do it.

Incitement: a global movement

Incitement is a thriving global movement of independent event organizers in 43 countries, aiming to spread positive social change in communities around the world. Our events will leave you inspired to make a meaningful contribution to the world, and connected to the people to help you make that happen!

Our mission is to create a new model for the way humanitarian work is done, because the current system just isn’t working. We are collaborating with a vast network of social causes, MNC’s, and volunteers to bring a new global approach to doing social work, using decentralized, bottom-up methods, and innovative ways of financing them.

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Attendees during an Incitement KL event

Incitement European Summit

Avenue d’Auderghem 22-28
1040 Brussels

Incitement European Summit

Social Innovation: Learn to tackle the world’s problems through your own social business!

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