• Project Reboot!

Two volunteers from Incitement Global working with Liter of Light Malaysia fixing a solar light.

Donate your used computers to us

We’ll give them to local NGOs who need them

Donate your used computer to local NGOs via Project Reboot!

Remember how the internet changed your life? Now imagine what it can do for underprivileged youths in terms of education, literacy, employment, and much more. Your used computers can change that. And since you’re planning to get rid of them anyway, might as well use them to improve the lives of your fellow Malaysians, right?

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How it works

If you’re looking to get rid of your old PCs, laptops, monitors, keyboards then look no further. Project Reboot! will come collect the laptops from you, refurbish them, and donate them to NGOs, social causes, or underprivileged communities in need.

Step 1: Collection
Download the donation form on this page, let us know how many PCs you are donating and when & where we should collect them. Our team will come to collect the used computers from you.

Step 2: Refurbishing
We are a part of the Microsoft Registered Refurbishment Programme. To ensure your data is not retrievable your computer will wiped out 16 times from any and all hard drives. Then we’ll install open source softwares such as Ubuntu and OpenOffice to make the PC usable for its new users.

Step 3: Donating
Last but not least, PC will be donated to only fully registered organizations or proven underprivileged communities. Types of organizations eligible to receive computers are NGOs, Community Centers, Orphanages, Welfare Homes and Social Programmes. Your old computer will be in good hands!

Impact so far

Since launching in 2012, more than 200 organisations and underprivileged communities have received over 1,900 full computers sets and, with that, a more positive outlook on their education and future.

Why donate?

In short: why wouldn’t you? You’ll be charged for recycling / responsibly disposing of electrical equipment. By donating them to us, you’ll save the costs of recycling or trashing them yourself AND you’ll give underprivileged Malaysians an opportunity they wouldn’t have without your donation! Talking about win-win.

Empower NGOs

Help Malaysian NGOs create more impact by giving them computers that they can use to do their work better.

Expand opportunities

Empower underprivileged Malaysians with access to internet & online education.

Increase employability

By giving them a computer you will give them a better chance at a job. A computer = better education = higher employability.

Improve Malaysia

Take care of your fellow Malaysians & contribute to creating a better Malaysia.