Like we mentioned in the previous article here, volunteering is not all butterflies and rainbows. You volunteer because people need your help. You volunteer because other lives matter. You volunteer to make yourself feel grounded. Despite all that, if you have been a volunteer for quite some time now, there are probably a few things that you wish to change. Other things, you’d like to stay the same. If you are one of them, you can surely relate to our list.

The bad

1. Being mocked over things that you have zero idea of

How on earth are we supposed to know why the soup kitchen serves fried chicken and rice instead of noodles. And no! I did not prepare your certificate or design your marathon medal (it’s not my fault if it’s ugly).

2. I’m a volunteer, not a slave!

We volunteer to be that extra help for free. However, certain organisations will take advantage of this situation. Apparently, we are doing everyone else’s job and we’re now a free source of labour instead of a volunteer. Like wuttt?!

3. It’s not my fault if it rains or if the haze went crazy!

Obviously, we can’t control the weather. But we got scolded anyway. We are the volunteers of the event, not the organisers! Most importantly, we are not GOD.

4. I have to pay to volunteer? Like seriously?

Did you just make us pay for helping you? You just utilised our skills but we are the ones who are paying you. Mind boggling!

5. My parents think that I’m wasting my time

Especially if you are an Asian! If you can’t make money out of it and if it get’s in the way of your studies, clearly, they think volunteering is pointless. But we love them anyway. We understand that they want what is best for us.

The good

6. Not having wi-fi is not the worst problem ever in the world

If you have volunteered to help the poor, you will have realised that your problems are just you being a brat. And you are in fact the luckiest human on planet Earth.

7. Being able to work with prominent leaders/ VIPs/ respected individuals/ well-known organisations without having to send in a resume!

Haha! We know it’s unfair sometimes. But hey, we can’t let good opportunities go to waste ey?

8. Secure a permanent job instead. Not forgetting new skills added in the resume!

If you love what you do, why not just work there for good? And yes, those new skills you’ve learned while doing your volunteering job are priceless! *PS: being paid for doing things that matter is not bad at all.

9. Goodiessss and freebiesss! Awwhhh yeahh!

Free T-shirts, notebooks, bags, certificates, vouchers, hampers, and the list goes on and on. Can’t get tired of free stuff.

10. But most importantly, the friends and the memories made

Gratitude definitely knows no boundaries. Seeing the smile on that kid’s’ face when we feed him after he had to wait a day for his meal, brings a smile on our face too. Making new friends with people from different backgrounds and having that pillar of support to continue volunteering is just so wonderful.

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