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Everything That’s Wrong With The Charitable Industry In One Sentence

There is one crucial thing I learned from running both a for-profit business and a social enterprise, and I think every so-called “social entrepreneur” should take a minute of introspection to contemplate on this. Because in my humble opinion – and I’m sorry (not sorry) if this offends you in any way, but if you […] Read more

The Hard Truth On The Life Of Indigenous Communities

Growing up in the city without ever having to worry about the lack of basic necessities is often taken for granted. Hit the shower, turn on the water tap, switch on the light, drying your hair, and the routine repeats itself every day, because we know, all these resources which make our live easier will […] Read more

These Are The Most Charitable Countries In The World

You’ll never guess who comes out on top of the World Giving Index – a list that ranks over 130 countries to how charitable they are… Myanmar Is The Most Charitable Country In The World Myanmar has improved on its joint second place reported in 2013, with an increase from 58% to 64% in the […] Read more