Incitement – 5 Steps to Achieve Your Dreams (The Khairi Method), by Khairi Ahmad @ Incitement Talk
I had to push him. I had to beg him. And then, finally, when he agreed to do a presentation, he started making fun of me :-P

Him and myself are close friends, so it’s all good :-) Saving Others By Changing Your Perspective Introducing Khairi Ahmad!

Voted ‘Best Speaker’

After you see his presentation you probably won’t believe me if I say that Khairi had never spoken before an audience in his life. During this episode of Incitement he immediately got voted best speaker of the night.

Khairi is the perfect example of what Incitement stands for. Everybody is born a genius, it’s only a matter of stepping up and sharing your ideas with the world. After his presentation, I don’t think many people will forget about it. After his first presentation ever at Incitement, Khairi flourished into a public speaking enthusiast, actually advising people on how to improve people’s presentation skills.

His analogy of hamburgers, the storyline of the presentation, the content itself, the humor throughout his entire talk. All of this combined, resulted in one kick-ass presentation.

Copy, paste & innovate

The concept Khairi is trying to get across is that there is no such thing as originality. Everything has been done before by someone else. You might disagree with this, you might say that being original or authentic is important for, for example, entrepreneurs. Nonetheless Khairi’s concept of copying, pasting and innovating is an interesting one that we can all learn something from.

Watch his presentation below and judge for yourself

So what do you think?

Come up with something original?
Or copy, paste and innovate?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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