A social mission for every brand

That is our vision.

Purpose beyond profit

80% of consumers are likely to switch brands, similar in price and quality, to one that supports a cause.

CSR done right with Incitement

Building social technologies

Meet Inpactor - a blockchain-based social network with features to fund, volunteer, and measure social impact.

Creating sustainable impact with Incitement

Our purpose

Our purpose is to build solutions, business models, and projects that enable people, Causes, Brands, and entrepreneurs to grow themselves or their Brands through social impact creation. We invent ways for Brands to grow their business through solving society‘s issues.

Achieving our purpose

We combine sustainable development programmes, online technology and marketing, community events, and state-of-the-art impact measurement tools to make social impact creation attractive for Brands by merging business objectives with global social development goals.

Communities in 46 countries

Events that will leave you inspired to impact the world & connected to the people to make it happen.

Sarah Kay

Meet Zikry Kholil

One of three cofounders of Incitement, and arguably one of the most significant upcoming thought leaders in the humanitarian sector.

Awards & recognition

Our work has been recognised globally with numerous awards.

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Meet the team

Individually strong. Together unstoppable.

Founding team

Daniel de Gruijter, CEO, Incitement

Daniel de Gruijter

CEO, Cofounder

About Daniel

There isn‘t a more fitting description for Daniel than that by thecrazyones.org. From building a profitable online strategy business with zero investment even before graduating to growing multi-million dollar businesses and tech projects as Head of Conversions at Mindvalley, Daniel has a track record of outstanding results.

His entrepreneurial zeal led him to cofound Incitement where he continues to lead as CEO. Daniel is often behind-the-scenes. This is an arena where he thrives by captaining the team, pursuing operational excellence, and implementing strategies that have grown Incitement to what is now widely considered Southeast Asia‘s #1 social business. In 2014, Daniel was recognised by Richard Branson‘s Talent Unleashed Awards. He has shared the stage with other successful entrepreneurs like Khailee Ng, Managing Partner at 500 Startups.

Incitement‘s strategic direction is often led by Daniel‘s bold and visionary business approach, one that constantly innovates, constantly disrupts. When he saw the innovation that today's technology could bring to the CSR industry, the idea for Inpactor and CSR Token was conceived.

Zikry Kholil, CCO, Incitement

Zikry Kholil

CCO, Cofounder

About Zikry

Zikry‘s heart for the social sector transformed Incitement from a passion project to the well-respected social business it is today. Since cofounding Incitement in 2011, his work in creating impact has led to wide recognitions such as Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2016, Top 100 Worlds Visionary Leader 2016 alongside notable figures like Malala, and voted as Top 10 Malaysia's Most Innovative Entrepreneurs.

He is arguably one of the most significant upcoming thought leaders in the social industry and is internationally sought after to deliver keynotes at high-level industry conferences.

In all these years, Zikry has shared his vision of a world united to achieve one goal: tackling society‘s most pressing issues. At the recent Finance Tech Innovation 2017 in Singapore, Zikry spoke about fintech application in the humanitarian sector, the vehicle that could turn his vision into reality. That vision is Inpactor.

Iman Sedighi, CTO, Incitement

Iman Sedighi

CTO, Cofounder

About Iman

As Cofounder and CTO, Iman brings his vast expertise to Incitement. He is a robust and well-rounded programmer with over 13 years under his belt as a full stack developer, freelance programmer, and Chief Technology Officer for a multitude of tech companies.

Since falling in love with programming over ten years ago, Iman has constantly been in search of projects that pushes his skillset. His ability to take on any challenge and successfully deliver innovative web-based materials paved the way to leading numerous projects and managing teams of developers and designers.

Iman dreams of being an elite developer of applications and platforms that truly make a difference in people‘s lives. That dream takes shape in Inpactor, where his vision in its conceptualisation and development has been, and still is, of unprecedented importance.

Marketing | Operations

Technology | Blockchain

Naithan Weigh, Lead Blockchain Engineer, Incitement

Naithan Weigh

Lead Blockchain Engineer

About Naithan

Bringing over ten years of coding experience working with system and network administration, technical support, website development, and server deployment and configuration, Naithan currently plans and oversees the development of blockchain solutions at Incitement.

Rojin Maljaei, Lead UI/UX Designer, Incitement

Rojin Maljaei

Lead UI/UX Designer

About Rojin

Rojin is a highly seasoned Web Designer with excellent abilities in converting abstract ideas into intuitive UI/UX experiences for web apps. She delivers elegance, simplicity, and pixel-perfect output for the ideation and development of web interfaces in Inpactor's design.

Muhammad Saqib, Front-end Developer, Incitement

Muhammad Saqib

Senior Front-end Dev

About Saqib

Saqib offers over ten years of experience designing, developing, leading and managing web projects with global Brands. He is highly proficient in AngularJS, Knockout, LESS, and other Javascript and CSS frameworks, making him a competent and vital part of Incitement‘s tech team.

Navid Shokr, Senior Back-end Developer, Incitement

Navid Shokr

Senior Back-end Dev

About Navid

Navid has six years of developer experience in custom application development by PHP, C#.net, and Java for Web, Windows, and Android platforms. He applies his knowledge on SWE and software architecture, and his experience with high profile projects as Incitement‘s Senior Back-end Developer.

Farbod Saraei, Lead Front-end Developer, Incitement

Farbod Saraei

Lead Front-end Developer

About Farbod

Farbod heads the front-end team in close collaboration with Incitement's CTO, and with 8+ years of industry experience, he is highly proficient in Javascript, Angular, JQuery, Bootstrap, SASS, and is a valuable member to Incitement's senior dev team.

Altaf Rana, Senior Back-end Developer, Incitement

Altaf Rana

Senior Back-end Developer

About Altaf

Altaf has 12 years of experience in analysis, design and development of multi-language web based and n-tier applications. With a Master in Computer Science and having led many portal projects, including the largest real estate portal in Pakistan, Altaf is an effective and highly skilled programmer.

Advisory Board

Incitement's Board of Advisors comes with endorsements from prominent figures from various relevant industries.

Stephen Croncota Board of Advisors Incitement

Stephen Croncota

Chief Marketing Officer, Ambrosus

As former CMO at Versace, former CMO at Escada, and former SVP of Creative Design at Warner Bros, Stephen is a seasoned marketing and creative executive with extensive experience in aspirational global lifestyle brands and consumer products.

Andre Chaperon Board of Advisors Incitement

Andre Chaperon

Internet entrepreneur | Author of Autoresponder Madness

Everyone significant in the realm of internet- and direct response marketing knows Andre: the author of Autoresponder Madness, Tiny Little Business, and Sphere of Influence. Andre is a master of persuasion and influence, long-standing authority in the world of email marketing and sales funnels, and stands side by side with other internet marketing legends such as Frank Kern and Ryan Deiss, who have shaped the way internet marketing is done to this very day.

Justyna Jastrzebska Board of Advisors Incitement

Justyna Jastrzebska

Growth Hacker in Residence, 500 Startups

For the past 11 years, Justyna has helped businesses successfully launch their products. Her speciality is building and executing conversion optimisation programmes, and using emotional targeting and persuasive design to generate more engagements, leads, and revenues. She is a master in crafting user journeys, e-commerce optimisation, and driving online ROI.

Omar Michael Board of Advisors Incitement

Omar Michael

Chief Copywriter, Mindvalley

Omar is a seasoned expert in crafting high-converting sales letters, email campaigns, landing pages, and video scripts. His words are responsible for over $20 million in sales and the rise of some of the most popular online personal growth products in the world, like Quantum Jumping and The Silva Method.

Emilian Vasi Board of Advisors Incitement

Emilian Vasi

Cofounder, Advertising Head, Rascal's Depot

Former Growth Hacker in Residence at 500 Startups and Head of Advertising at Mindvalley, Emilian has been in the digital field for the past seven years, advising 50+ companies, across 20+ markets, with over 30 million dollars spent in digital. He cofounded his very own data-driven performance agency, Rascal's Depot, where he advises established startups on advertising & analytics, with a focus on Southeast Asian markets.

Jade Yong Board of Advisors Incitement

Jade Yong

Editor, Communications Mercenary

With over a decade of experience in the PR & Media industry, having worked for large organisations such as YTL and Catcha, Jade is a seasoned senior PR & Communications expert, specialising in strategy and implementation of comprehensive PR & Media approaches.

Thomas Marzano Board of Advisors Incitement

Thomas Marzano

Global Head of Brand Experience, Philips

As Global Head of Brand Experience at Philips, Thomas‘ work focuses on driving the Brand identity, experience strategy, and creative direction across the company, working with counterparts at Global Marketing, Communication and Design as well as Marketing from the Philips B2C and B2B businesses. Thomas previously led the Global Brand Design function, driving the design strategy and creative direction of the Philips "innovation and you" Brand refresh in 2013.

Mark Rozario Board of Advisors Incitement

Mark Rozario

Chief Executive Officer, GE Malaysia

Datuk Mark oversees the overall business operations across GE Malaysia‘s portfolio, and leads the execution and development of GE‘s long term strategy in Malaysia. He recently served as CEO of Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM), a government statutory body chaired by the Prime Minister to implement a national innovation strategy, aimed to improve societal well-being and generate new-wave wealth.

Mei Wong Mei Ching Board of Advisors Incitement

May Wong Mei Ching

Manager Group Communications & CSR, Taylor's Education Group

May heads the CSR department of Taylor‘s Education Group, and has successfully landed large CSR contracts with CIMB Islamic. She also pioneered the development of Hourglass together with Incitement. Having worked in large corporations like Shell and DiGi, May accumulates over 15 years of corporate experience.

Brian Lim Board of Advisors Incitement

Brian Lim

VP Solutions Design & Delivery, Proudfoot Consulting

Brian has a 15-year track record of successfully delivering business transformations as an expert in performance improvement, cost reduction, revenue growth, supply chain optimisation, and organisation restructuring and strategy. His work has produced impeccable results for companies from various industries scattered across Asia Pacific, accelerating growth and maximising performance.

Sally Eaves Board of Advisors Incitement

Sally Eaves

Forbes Technology Council

Recognised as a thought leader in emergent technology (Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, VR/AR), intrapreneurship, online media and navigating digital disruption and by working with authenticity, purpose and drive, Sally delivers sustainable business success, educational development and social impact outcomes. Sally is a member of the invite-only Forbes Technology Council comprising leading CIOs, CTOs and technology executives, hand-selected by the Council's selection committee.

Gareth Davies Board of Advisors Incitement

Gareth Davies

Chief Technology Officer, Mindvalley

Gareth is a savvy, innovative, high-integrity C-Level Executive who is greatly regarded for leading technology advancements, providing expert business transformation services & creating cutting-edge, on-trend, cloud-native solutions for multiple corporations, including Mindvalley, UC, and Omnilogi.

Christopher Board of Advisors Incitement

Christopher Lee

Head of PR, Sapien Network

As Head of PR at Sapien Network, Christopher is involved in the Sapien ICO which raised $15 million USD during its pre-sale. He is a Marketing Strategist for lead generation, and is passionate about marketing strategy and new technologies & platforms. As a crypto enthusiast since 2015, he believes the surface of blockchain technology has barely been scratched.

Peter Kolthof Board of Advisors Incitement

Peter Kolthof

Managing Partner, Avida International

Having served a ten year term as Head of Equities at Shell Asset Management Company, Peter is now Managing Partner and Head of the Netherlands at Avida, helping its clients strategically improve investment governance of pension funds. Peter is an econometrician and tax lawyer with over 25 years of knowledge and experience in asset- and risk management that covers the investment organisation, processes, and asset categories.

Johnny Mayo Board of Advisors Incitement

Johnny Mayo

Forbes 30 Under 30 - Finance & VC

An avid technologist and listed as Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Finance & VC category, Johnny has played a leading role in developing the FinTech agenda across the Southeast Asian region, educating numerous organisations, regional banks, national regulators, and government departments on how they can understand and adopt blockchain technologies and new FinTech initiatives.

Umar Munshi Board of Advisors Incitement

Umar Munshi

Chairman, Islamis Fintech Alliance | Cofounder, Ethis Ventures

Umar Munshi is the Founder of Singapore-based EthisCrowd.com, an award-winning Real Estate Islamic Crowdfunding platform. EthisCrowd.com is a financing marketplace that brings together smaller retail crowd-investors, larger private investors, and Islamic Banks to fund social housing developments, supported by the Indonesian National housing programme. Munshi is also an Islamica500 Islamic Economy influencer and the Chairman of the IslamicFintechAlliance.com.

Anthony David Board of Advisors Incitement

Anthony David

Impact Consultant & Social Entrepreneurship Specialist

Anthony cofounded Startup Malaysia, Impact Hub KL, and has consulted the United Nations on creating and measuring high-impact sustainable development programmes. He has vast experience in social entrepreneurship, social innovation, and has written a paper on CSR with UN Global Compact Malaysia.

Sartaj Anand Board of Advisors Incitement

Sartaj Anand

Founder, Egomonk

Sartaj currently operates his holding company — egomonk — which has interests in innovation consulting, media, events and travel. He is a TED Ambassador, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and Advisor of the Plus Social Good community, a project of the United Nations Foundation and Mashable. In addition to this, Sartaj is a tireless champion of the startup and social impact community globally.

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