Incitement Talk: Are You A Wantrepreneur?, by Eugene Hennie
Definition of a “Wantrepreneur”: according to AntiWantrepreneur
-Some that talks ALL day about starting a business
-That guy with a new idea every week and nothing tangible
-The guy that needs to raise money before he starts
-The one that starts something with validating it
-The pretty guys with t shirts, business cards, and fancy websites
Eugene Hennie is a passionate and extremely savvy serial entrepreneur, working on multiple projects. He’s probably most renowned for his personal blog, where he writes about his business and life. And his most recent startup, called AntiWantrepreneur – gaining some massive traction. On top of that he’s a Launch Manager at Mindvalley. And a good friend of Incitement :-)

During his talk at Incitement he gives tangible advice on how to kick start your business in a couple of simple steps. Aspiring (social) entrepreneurs: pay attention! This guys will learn you a thing or two!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The audio quality is a bit poor until 10:23, after that it’s all good! We apologize.

Incitement – Are You A Wantrepreneur? by Eugene Hennie @ Incitement Talks

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