Just some weeks ago, I was sitting in the audience for the monthly Incitement event, What is the right education?. And it was an amazing experience, to see everyone speak, and to be inspired. However, this month, the event was even more exciting for me.

I pursued both my dream and my biggest fear by stepping on the Incitement stage and spoke to an audience who want to be inspired, who wanted to hear me out. Last Friday night, I was a game changer, by showing myself that I can be up on a stage, as well as inspire others while doing so.

Being a game changer means so much more than just doing something new, in hopes to help others. Being a game changer, means to put your best foot forward, do what you love, with your best interest in mind, to do inflict change in someone or something. Being a game changer is an art, because our game is written by society, we already have rules, and to change them takes courage. However, every single person out there is able to do so.

I talked about 3 key points: perspective, self worth and passion. By having a positive perspective on life, one attracts more desirable situations, looks at problems with a solution and miracle mindset, and thus it seems like there are less problems. This can be life changing, and can open up many possibilities in which to help others.

By loving yourself, and having high self worth, you let others see you for who you are, and accept you for who you are. You let others love you, and thus surround you by love. And once this is achieved, you can always help others accept themselves.

Lastly, when you pursue your passion, and you put your best effort into it, you may make a change, if only for one moment, in someone else’s life. You make/do/perform something that can be of great meaning or inspiration to someone else.

So, being a game changer contains many different things, and most of all, a game changer needs to take risks and have courage. All my life, I wanted to do so, and finally, I did. Being an inciter, telling the amazing audience my story, and later hearing that the audience was in fact inspired, is the best feeling in the world.

Your game changing may be different, but I believe you can do it!

What do YOU think?

Does one need to be a game changer?

Let me know in the comment section below!

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