Feb 24, 2017

10 amazing individuals who might be the next game changer for the community!

While many youths say volunteering is a boring and mundane job, others are still spending their weekends doing some epic social work. Some are influenced by a moment of inspiration. To transform the lives of distressed communities. Some may have been influenced by their own struggles in the community itself. Volunteering, after all, is a […] Read more

Feb 6, 2017

Can Liter of Light #givelight to an entire village of 112 people?

Liter of Light campaigned to provide an entire village with solar lights. After nearly a decade of living in total darkness after the sun sets, the sixty families in the village of Kampung Teras will finally receive light at night. After six weeks of campaigning and hard work, the #givelight campaign met its end early […] Read more

Jan 15, 2017

How Many Marshmallows Can Amber Chia Take For Charity?

Malaysian Supermodel Amber Chia stepped up her game for a good cause How often do you see supermodels stuff themselves with marshmallows? For the sake of the #givelight campaign, the most well-known supermodel in Malaysia, Amber Chia, decided to go absolutely nuts on marshmallows with her rendition of the classic “Chubby Bunny” Challenge but with […] Read more

Dec 12, 2016

Social Progress Malaysia Award for Incitement Malaysia

“Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is an opportunity. That’s why today is also called Present” And another award makes the team stronger! Congratulations Incitement Malaysia for another outstanding award. Social Progress Malaysia Award has been awarded to The Incitement team for the outstanding effort on making visible changes for the Malaysian […] Read more

Dec 1, 2016

I don’t want to live this kind of life! But…

The kind of life I’m living in for the past 26 years… Like most Malaysians, I came from a middle class family. I have all the basic necessities in life. A roof above my head, a comfortable bed, access to water and electricity. Went to a good school. Earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. Live […] Read more

Nov 29, 2016

Quality of Life is Getting Better, But People are Feeling Worse?

“Anything the mind can imagine, the hands can build” Space traveling, Hyperloop, electric cars, multi-million dollar skyscrapers. The world is evolving fast. Technology is causing exponential progress. And all these vast changes over the past decades make today’s world into one the most equipped societies ever existed. Yet, even though the world is modernizing at […] Read more

Nov 25, 2016

Who is going to protect our children?

Protecting children is a responsibility Nothing is scarier than knowing your children whom you dearly love, are being abused either physically or mentally. In some parts of the world, child abuse has yet to receive exposure. People know about it, people talk about it, people even feel scared about this issue. But that’s not enough […] Read more

Nov 25, 2016

The Biggest Lessons of 2016 from some of the Biggest Minds in Social Entrepreneurship

“We have a visceral reaction to the idea of people making a lot of money helping others. Interestingly, we don’t have a visceral reaction to the idea that people should make a lot of money not helping other people” ~ Dan Pallotta 2016 has been a challenging year. Not only for us at Incitement, but […] Read more

Nov 11, 2016

10 things only volunteers will relate to!

Like we mentioned in the previous article here, volunteering is not all butterflies and rainbows. You volunteer because people need your help. You volunteer because other lives matter. You volunteer to make yourself feel grounded. Despite all that, if you have been a volunteer for quite some time now, there are probably a few things […] Read more

Nov 4, 2016

Do you really need to volunteer? Are you selfish when you don’t?

Volunteering as we know it If it’s up to us (or some of us at the very least), we want to do whatever we can or whatever it takes to help whomever is in dire need of help. But let’s be realistic here. If you’re not making this your full-time job, it’s impossible for you […] Read more