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The 3 core elements of our working culture

We are at the Olympics, not the playground.

Peak performance is expected when you work with Incitement

Peak Performance

Mediocre colleagues or unchallenging work is what kills the progress of a person’s skills and motivation. We will provide the perfect environment to thrive; one with extraordinary colleagues and big challenges. In return, we expect nothing but Peak Performance.

When working with Incitement, you have to embrace our 11 values.

11 Values

Our core value system comprises of 11 values with integrity at the top of the list. We only recruit those who carry themselves with integrity, maintain the highest of work ethics, moral values, and stay true to themselves.

You'll freedom and responsbility when working Incitement.

Freedom & Responsibility

Peak Performers have a high sense of responsibility, and know how to optimise productivity and increase performance as they receive complete freedom. Responsible people are worthy of freedom, and achieve more with freedom and less with processes.

A tour around Incitement HQ

A household name in social entrepreneurship with a perspective that is well-respected all over the world.

Why work with Incitement?

Be part of a bigger picture on a global scale

Nicole, Incitement's Director of Social Innovation, explains work-life balance she gets to enjoy, the close connection she has with her colleagues, and the professional network she gets to build through working with the world’s largest and most renowned Brands.

The Daily Grind

Impactful work and travel opportunities

One of the perks of working with Incitement is the ample travel opportunities Fai, Social Impact Director at Incitement, explains. Also, of course, the fact that she gets to work on large-scale impact projects is a rewarding experience every day.

Lasting impact

Our working culture is defined by 11 values. You will not only be thoroughly assessed on these values before you join Incitement, but also continuously once you're in.

Selflessness & sacrifice
Responsibility & accountability
Entrepreneurial zeal
Respect & humility
Transparency & candor
Creativity & innovation

Incitement's 11 values

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Incitement's 2017 team retreat

Every year we take the entire team on an extra-extra-long retreat to a tropical resort.

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Incitement is looking for web developers

Web developers

> PHP, MySQL, Jquery, AngularJS, JS
> 8+ years of experience
> Senior

About this opportunity

As a web developer at Incitement, you will be working on developing high quality, large scale web solutions to improve the industry of charitable donations, volunteering, and social services. Incitement’s solutions are used by large, influential corporations such as Pepsico, Maybank, Nestle, a variety of global NGOs, and an army of Volunteers.

You will be working on the development and maintenance of Incitement’s web applications. Our tech stack predominantly exists of PHP and MySQL, Jquery, AngularJS, and JS. It’s essential that you are a team player, you enjoy mentoring and coaching your junior developers, and you see receiving and giving feedback as an opportunity for growth.

As a senior developer, there is a lot of room for growth inside the organisation. Our current tech team is small and agile, but will be expanding rapidly over the coming year.


  • Develop high quality web applications using Jquery, AngularJS, JS, PHP, MySQL
  • Work closely with the founding team to ensure optimal delivery in terms of functionality and user experience
  • Contribute to the overall tech strategy of the organisation and proactively be involved in the conceptualisation of web applications
  • Mentor junior developers to groom them into great programmers


  • You have at least 6 to 8 years of programming experience
  • You are extremely detail oriented and very well organized
  • You are familiar with the use of project management tools such at BitBucket and JIRA
  • You have a proven track record of delivering high quality web software
  • You have an excellent understanding of current web development standards
  • You are business savvy and are able to contribute to the organisation's strategy
Incitement Back-end developers

Back-end developers

> PHP, Laravel, MySQL, S3, API, MVC
> 8+ years of experience
> Senior

About this opportunity

You are responsible for building websites and applications to facilitate the business needs of Incitement. These applications must help Incitement grow faster and easier around the globe. You are in charge of making server-side scripts, database design, and maintenance. You should write clear, maintainable, and performant codes. Also, you should be able to configure the server to always keep it secure and fast. You will work very closely with front-end developers and a senior lead developer.


  • You will report directly to the CTO
  • Build all back-end functionalities and tasks according to the description and expectations mentioned in JIRA
  • Develop, test, and deploy code that is part of a product used by thousands of people
  • Debug and analyze issues that affect the usability of our web platforms
  • Ensure the application is secure and works fast
  • Ensure the application is user-friendly
  • Work as part of a team to solve challenging problems quickly and effectively
  • Learn new technologies quickly to find, analyze, and solve complex software problems


  • Strong knowledge and experience in PHP in both object-oriented and procedural ways
  • Strong knowledge and experience in MySQL database
  • Understanding of MVC design patterns and frameworks like Laravel is a plus
  • Good understanding and experience in creating web service APIs
  • Work as part of a team to solve challenging problems quickly and effectively
  • Familiarity with the Linux command line interface is a plus
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services or Nginx is a plus
  • Understanding of Source Control tools and related practices like Git
Incitement Front-end developers

Front-end developers

> CSS, Jquery, Angular, AJAX, Bootstrap
> 6+ years of experience
> Mid-level / Senior

About this opportunity

You are responsible for building websites and applications to facilitate the business needs of Incitement. These applications must help Incitement grow faster and easier around the globe. User Experience is the core value proposition of our business model. As a front-end developer, you must always put the user first, and build very user-friendly applications and websites.


  • You will report directly to CTO
  • Build all front-end functionalities and tasks according to the description and expectations mentioned in JIRA
  • Ensure the application is user-friendly
  • Ensure the application works well and debug all of the problems
  • Keep the project updated by applying revisions made by the Product Manager, CTO, or lead developer
  • Work as part of a team to solve challenging problems quickly and effectively
  • Learn new technologies quickly to find, analyze, and solve complex software problems
  • Upgrade current Incitement applications to be more accessible for everyone in various devices


  • Solid knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Strong knowledge and experience in front-end development scripts and techniques including jQuery, Angular JS, and AJAX
  • Strong in Bootstrap especially Bootstrap grid for responsive design
  • You should know the basics of PHP and server-side coding to be able to communicate with back-end developers
  • Strong knowledge in Node JS is a plus.
  • Desire for innovation, balanced with business needs and customer expectations
  • Strong knowledge and experience in testing tools and debugging
  • Diligent in creating an accessible product for everyone in various devices
  • Understanding of Source Version Control tools and related practices like Git
Incitement Project Manager

Project manager

> 'Blue' personality type
> 5+ years of experience
> Fluent in Malaysian & English

About this opportunity

Incitement implements a variety of humanitarian- and community-based social impact projects in Malaysia in collaboration with international Brands who initiate these projects as a Branding- or CSR initiative. The goal of these projects is to create social impact, and improve the overall livelihood and quality of life for the beneficiaries. Incitement has implemented social projects for the Malaysian Ministry of Finance, Pepsico, L'Oreal, Nestlé, CIMB, and many more.

The Project Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management, quality assurance and reporting, and successful execution of each project. As Project Manager, you will directly supervise large teams of both long-term and short-term Volunteers. You will work closely with Incitement's Sales- and Marketing teams in order to deliver top-quality results, experiences, and social impact for beneficiaries, clients, and Volunteers.


  • Assist with the recruitment, selection, management, and supervision of project Volunteers
  • Capacity building and mentoring of staff, teams, and partners
  • Ensure that all staff and selected partners are aware and capable of fulfilling their responsibilities and functional roles for project implementation
  • Management of the project budget and approval of requisitions, advances, and expenses
  • Preparation of costed work plans and submission of timely funds requests
  • Regular analysis and reporting on financial reports
  • Project financial planning, budget management, financial reporting, and ensuring project expenditure remains within budgetary line items and according to contractual agreements with Incitement's clients
  • Development of effective financial- and operating systems
  • Oversee timely and cost effective procurement of equipment, materials, and services for project implementation
  • Ensure that all administrative records are maintained and regularly updated, e.g. equipment inventory lists, staff leave and benefits, schedules, etc.
  • Management of project personnel and manpower
  • Provision of technical and programmatic leadership to ensure quality implementation of project activities and achievement of objectives
  • Provide management support, supervision, and direction for the implementation of the Project
  • Design, establish, and manage appropriate project monitoring and evaluation framework
  • Provide and facilitate advice to ensure project outputs are up to accepted sectoral standards
  • Produce monthly, interim, and final narrative, and financial reports that meet the requirements of the client
  • Representation with a variety of partners including coordination with relevant Government authorities, other local partners, and non-government organizations
  • Ensuring community participation and cooperation of various partners
  • Attend government, partners, and NGO meetings that may relate to project activities and ensure cross-agency collaboration
  • Implement, measure, and report on project KPIs and impact measurements
  • Participation in internal meetings, systems, processes, and initiatives with other internal matters


  • 'Blue' personality type
  • Top performer aiming to achieve extraordinary results
  • Entrepreneurial zeal, autonomous, and excellent attitude and work ethics
  • Passionate about and experienced in community development projects
  • Minimum 3 years of project management experience in relevant fields
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Proficiency in Bahasa Melayu
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Meticulous eye for detail
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Technology-savvy
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Proficient in Excel
  • Communicate with candor and respect
  • Does not mind traveling
Incitement Wordpress developer

Wordpress developer

> Wordpress, PHP, JS CSS, HTML5
> 3+ years of experience
> Junior / Mid-level

About this opportunity

As a Wordpress Developer at Incitement, you will be working on a variety of Incitement web properties running on Wordpress. You will work closely with the Marketing Team and Incitement’s Global Events Team to build features and functionalities that help grow Incitement’s reach and make it easy for Incitement Organisers worldwide to upload, publish, and market their events, so that our chapters around the world can create more social impact.

The ideal candidate is someone who finds satisfaction in solving challenges, has experience creating well-written code that follows Wordpress standards, and understands that it’s more than just a code. Solving problems requires a well-rounded understanding of not only the code but also the business requirements. You are willing to take initiative, are capable of completing tasks on your own, and you embrace working together as a team.

You will be working on a variety of projects in a number of different capacities. Some projects will need minor template work done, others will need entire new functionalities. You'll need to move effectively between PHP, JS, and CSS.


  • You will be working on various web properties under Incitement
  • You will be implementing features and functionalities contributing to strategic marketing activities for high-level CSR projects all around the world
  • You will be creating custom Wordpress plugins and themes
  • You will be working closely with the Marketing Team to develop features and functions supporting Incitement's marketing activities
  • You will be working closely with the Global Events Team to develop its online properties
  • You will be building pages and websites A-Z on Wordpress for the promotion of Incitement products and services
  • You will be supervised and mentored by Incitement's Senior Developers


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, including problem analysis and identification, and clearly outlining a path to solution
  • Review and interpret business- and technical requirements
  • Ability to write modern, standards-compliant PHP for WordPress
  • Ability to write modern, standards-compliant CSS and create responsive designs
  • Experience creating layouts using Bootstrap
  • Experience writing code that meets Wordpress coding standards
  • Understand the difference between a plugin and a theme, and what goes into each
  • Experience optimising legacy sites for modern PHP requirements
  • You know your way around MySQL
  • Experience solving issues related to scaling and high-performance websites
  • Working knowledge of Javascript, as well as JQuery
  • You know your way around a server-basic web server configuration, cron management, package management (apt or similar), basic shell familiarity, and other housekeeping skills
  • Experience with Git and adherence to a workflow
  • Must be able to create custom WordPress plugins and themes
  • Familiarity with task runners and contribute to front-end workflows (Gulp/Grunt, Sass compilers, etc.)
  • Familiarity with AWS environment is a plus
  • Familiarity with Angular JS is a plus
  • Familiarity with Sass is a plus
  • You have a good eye for quality design and UI/UX
Incitement Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers

> Solidity, Java, C#, Python, Golang
> 2+ years of experience
> Senior

About this opportunity

Work in fast-paced, disruptive environment on some of the most promising social-tech solutions in the humanitarian and CSR industry. The Inpactor platform is cutting-edge, and the underpinning blockchain solutions that power this platform changes the industry for good and touches the lives of millions.


  • Design and build industry specific solutions using the blockchain technology
  • Contribtute to infrastructure setup and solution development in blockchain and related technologies such as Ethereum, utility and market tokens, and smart contracts
  • Understand functional requirements as applicable to various industries and convert into system specifications for development
  • Define development approach and best practices to implement the solutions
  • Design and build blockchain frameworks, accelerators, and assets
  • Document development artifacts and best practices
  • Mentor team members, review code artifacts, and provide technical guidance


  • 5+ years of hands-on experience in Java, C#, Python, and Golang
  • 3+ years of experience in application development and systems implementation
  • 1+ year of experience in blockchain research, understanding, and solution development
  • Experience in NodeJS, GIT repositories, open source tools & technologies
  • Very good understanding of blockchain technology, crypto currencies (Bitcoin or others), and various consensus protocols
  • Experience in development on one of the Blockchain platforms like Hyperledger, Ethereum, R3 Corda, Ripple, Bluemix, and Rubix
  • Experience in development of applications using distributed applications framework like Meteor, Multichain, etc.
  • Basic understanding of cryptography, symmetric/asymmetric (public/private key), hash functions, and encryption/signatures
  • Functional knowledge in any of the industry verticals

How to apply

A few simple, but important steps...

Before you apply, make sure that you are eligible for the position, and understand the responsibilities and requirements.

Make sure you meet the requirements.
Send your resume to
Include your motivation; first impressions matter.
Include relevant links to your online portfolio.
Optionally, include a video cover letter.
We will reply to you within 10 working days.

We do not respond to incomplete applications, or applications that do not meet stated requirements.

Workplace benefits

Relocation package
Healthcare coverage
Excellent workplace
Ample learning facilities
Remote work
Team retreats
Unlimited books

Perks of working with Incitement