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Our communities create events that will leave you inspired to impact the world & connected to the right people to make it happen.

Communities with Purpose - Incitement

Attend IES2019

Join us in Milan, Italy, to connect with the greatest minds in social entrepreneurship & social tech at IES2019.

Incitement European Summit 2019 #IES2019

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Lorenzo Olivieri Incitement
Lorenzo Olivieri

Incitement Italy

Incitement Founder Diletta Marabini
Diletta Marabini

Incitement Italy

Incitement Founder Jacopo Tabanelli
Jacopo Tabanelli

Incitement Italy

Incitement Founder Fabrizio Scanavini
Fabrizio Scanavini

Incitement Italy/France

Incitement Founder Cristian Fontanelli
Cristian Fontanelli

Incitement London

Incitement Founder Daniel Oltean
Daniel Oltean

Incitement Romania

Incitement Founder Teodora Maria Lupu
Teodora Lupu

Incitement Denmark

Incitement Founder Muhannad Saoub
Muhannad Saoub

Incitement Jordan

Incitement Founder Hermes Ariaga
Hermes Ariaga

Incitement Croatia

Incitement Founder Pavle Krivokuca
Pavle Krivokuca

Incitement Serbia

Incitement Founder Yahya Marzouk
Yahya Marzouk

Incitement Tunisia

Incitement Founder April Ong Vano
April Ong Vano

Incitement Philippines

Incitement Founder Konstantin Popkov
Konstantin Popkov

Incitement Russia

Incitement Founder Duha Elmardi
Duha Elmardi

Incitement Canada

Incitement Founder Mazin Mohamed
Mazin Mohamed

Incitement Sudan

Incitement Founder Alejandra Perdomo
Alejandra Perdomo

Incitement Colombia

Incitement Founder Juliana Bermeo
Juliana Bermeo

Incitement Colombia

Incitement Founder Daliso Ngoma
Daliso Ngoma

Incitement South Africa

Incitement Founder Ivana Florencia Oven
Ivana Florencia Oven

Incitement Slovenia

Incitement Founder Robert Eckstein
Robert Eckstein

Incitement Germany

Incitement Founder Breno Barcellos
Breno Barcellos

Incitement Brasil

Incitement Founder Adnane Addioui
Adnane Addioui

Incitement Morocco

Incitement Founder Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas

Incitement Syria

Incitement Founder Riley Spear
Riley Spear

Incitement U.S.

Incitement Founder Hamza Abdiwahab
Hamza Abdiwahab

Incitement Nigeria

Incitement Founder Mohamed Ashraf
Mohamed Ashraf

Incitement Egypt

Incitement Founder Mohamad Alfan
Mohamad Alfan

Incitement Indonesia

Incitement Founder Gilang Saputra
Gilang Saputra

Incitement Indonesia

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Incitement Events are not just educational but highly unconventional and ridiculously inspirational.

Communities with Purpose - Incitement

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Impact initiatives led by the world's biggest Brands, in support of the United Nations SDGs.

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