Lighting up lives in Malaysia

Imagine for a moment that you were born and raised in a village with no electricity. Hard to picture, right? You’d wake up not from your alarm clock, but from a rooster’s crow, or some good old fashioned sunlight. You wouldn’t be able to check Facebook or read your emails after a nice hot shower, but instead you’d wash yourself with cold rainwater and talk to your family members in the morning, or read an actual newspaper (you know, the paper version of the iPad…). Working wouldn’t require a laptop, let alone an internet connection. And you sure as hell wouldn’t have to worry about your iPhone battery dying on you every 2 hours.

Yep, the life in rural communities is different. Very different. In good ways, and in bad ways. It all depends on your own perspective. Mostly… Except for some things. For instance, being able to turn on a light when it gets dark…

A few years ago we got in touch with Illac Diaz. He spoke at one of our Incitement Events in 2012. He shared about his project, Liter of Light, and his passion for literally lighting up lives.

We were immediately captivated by Illac’s passion and drive, and we decided to support him on his mission – because in Malaysia there are plenty of people who don’t have access to simple basic needs such as electricity in the rural areas. We wanted to change that! And so we decided to take a leap towards leaving tangible impact by founding Liter of Light Malaysia.

Here’s what happened when Incitement partnered with Liter of Light

After spending a full Saturday assembling the light at Asia Pacific University, and after that an entire Sunday at Kampung Lemoi, Cameron Highlands, installing the lights, around 7pm the lights turned on. And it was spectacular!

Immediately you could see kids running towards the lights with a chair and a book, to spend time reading under the newly installed lights.

Special thanks to UNESCO, Liter of Light, Pepsico Malaysia, Impact HUB, ERS, Asia Pacific University, INTEC Education College, Mate Valtr, and iM4U.

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