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Have you ever wondered why some people are continuously ‘lucky’? Everything seems to go right for them, they are rarely upset and have a constant smile on their face. So, you think their life is perfect; lacking problems or troubles.

I know plenty of people like that and am currently in the process of learning what makes them so happy. It almost seems unfair, that some people just get what they want in life – while others don’t.

But I thought that if they can do it, then so can I. So I found that the reason they are so ‘lucky’ is not that they have a perfect life and no problems – but the way they handle these and choose to experience life. It is no longer a secret that what you give out is what you get. And if you constantly swear and are unhappy, well, then you will often find yourself in unhappy situations. Yet, I have found that every single one of us has at least some control over their situations. And it all starts in reactions and mindset.

When facing a problem, there are two ways you can look at it – as a problem, or a challenge to find a solution to. Your perspective on it will change the way you handle it. If you then handle it in a positive, hopeful way, chances of resolving it are so much higher.

Now, imagine always having a positive attitude: you smile more, trust more, have more fun and see life as an opportunity, rather than a misery. This is how so called lucky people find themselves in favourable situations – some of these situations may be considered problems by someone else, however that person lacks the ‘problem’ perspective, and only sees the good in life

So, how can YOU change your perspective to a more positive one?

1. When you find yourself in a bad situation, take a deep breath. After 3 deep breaths you should be more calm, and have a clearer mind to change your thinking pattern. Then, think about the situation, and find at least 3 good things that could arise from it.

2. When you see a person who has mastered the positive attitude, watch them, and ask them for advice. Learning from others is always a very effective way to get better at something. So watch them, talk to them, and find out what they are doing, then apply it to yourself.

3. Stop looking at everything that goes wrong, and focus on what’s going right.

4. Instead of dwelling over a problem, find a solution. And if you can’t find one, then talk to your friends or family to help you with it. It’s never wrong to ask for help.

5. Smile more. Laugh more. It’s simple, but with great impact. It produces happy hormones, and it makes you look awesome!

6. Trust life. Just trust that everything is going to be alright, and that everything happens for a reason. That your problem right now may be necessary to learn an important lesson. Then accept it, and let it go.

These couple of steps have all proven effective for myself, and my friends. Some of them are easier done than others, but by just starting on one or two of them can already help. Having a positive attitude towards life is extremely valuable, and can affect every area in your life – family, relationships, work, etc.

What do YOU think?

Do you have any other ideas of ways to change your perspective on life?

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