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After many discussions and considerations with clients, investors, advisors, and the Incitement team, we regret to inform you that the Inpactor ICO has been cancelled. Having worked relentlessly towards the launch of Inpactor, and concurrently prepare for the ICO, we have come to understand that conducting a token sale at this stage is not healthy for the Inpactor platform.

The MVP for Inpactor will still be released over the coming few weeks. And because we are still in the early stages of the life cycle of the platform, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of iterations. We believe it is best to do this without being accountable to possibly thousands of token holders.

Incitement will continue to fund the development of Inpactor on its own, proceed with raising funds through the traditional route, and focus on building the blockchain application of CSRi into the platform. At a later stage, when the core of the platform has been developed and tested, we will reconsider the implementation of CSRm.

We apologise to those who have been anticipating the ICO, bounty campaign participants, and everyone else who has been involved. We want to ensure your work does not go unrewarded. Therefore we will make sure to retain your information, so that you can be rewarded at a later stage via either CSRm tokens (if these are built) of premium value inside the platform.

We hope that our community understands that this was a difficult yet necessary decision to make for what’s best for Inpactor. And we hope to have your continuous support as we launch the platform.

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