Brands & organisations

For Brands and organisations with purpose beyond profit.

  • Find Causes and Projects in line with the Brand's values and mission.
  • Earn CSRm incentives for doing CSR, which can be spent on advertising & premium features on the platform.
  • Build an online Channel to boost the Brand's image by showcasing social impact.
  • Enroll and involve staff in meaningful employee engagement programmes.
  • Publish grants, receive accurate impact reports, collaborate with Causes, and much more...
Inpactor for Brands
for Causes


Everything a Cause needs in one platform.

  • Causes can easily attract funds and recruit volunteers, while funding is fully transparent on the distributed ledger.
  • Disbursements of funds are connected to milestones documented in a smart contract.
  • Impact reports are validated on the blockchain through Proof of Impact, where beneficiaries monitor & report the impact.
Inpactor for Causes


Volunteer for impactful Causes anywhere, anytime.

  • Earn CSRm rewards for volunteering.
  • Build an online profile of your work & publish it directly to LinkedIn.
  • Collaborate & network with Brands, Causes, and other Volunteers on meaningful Projects.
Inpactor for Volunteers
Inpactor for Vendors

Vendors &
social businesses

Sell goods & services on Inpactor's social business store.

  • Brands can host a VIP store inside the Vendor network.
  • Additional sales channel for socially responsible businesses.
  • Any CSRm holder can purchase goods & services to support ethical businesses.
Inpactor for Vendors

Join the Inpactor Alpha Launch

Inpactor launches mid june. Be among the first to join.

Key features

Fundraising Social network Fundraising

A decentralised social media platform to create and support Causes, build community around them & create social impact.

Fundraising Funding Volunteer recruitment

Brands can fund CSR projects in line with their brand & strategic direction and earn incentives for impact.

Fundraising Volunteer recruitment Impact reporting

Enrol corporate volunteers as part of CSR and employee engagement programmes, or recruit public volunteers.

Project managementCSR management

CSR management tools to collaborate with Causes and internal or external volunteers, made reliable by smart contracts.

Vendor networkMarketplace

Brands can host a VIP store in Inpactor’s marketplace, for platform users and token holders to purchase goods & services.

Impact reportingImpact reporting

Beneficiaries monitor and validate the impact on the blockchain to produce real-time reporting accuracy & validate project milestones.


About CSR Tokens

    • CSRm

      • The 'm' in CSRm stands for market
      • CSRm is a work token
      • Used inside and outside of Inpactor
      • Tradable on the exchange
      • Upgradable ERC20-token,
        running off the
        Ethereum blockchain.
      • Total supply of
        240 million CSRm

Token distribution

Token sale 40%
Stake for Impact 30%
Team, advisors 25%
Bounty programme5%

Distribution of funds:

  • 40% Product development
  • 30% Business development
  • 8% Reward pool
  • 7% Reserve
  • 5% Administrative
  • 5% Security audits
  • 5% Legal fees

Token details

Symbol CSRm
Price ETH 0.0004374453193
Total supply 240,000,000
Hard cap CSRm 96,000,000
Token type ERC20 Token
Country Seychelles
Community pre-sale date 01/07 - 31/08
Smart contract by Naithan Weigh »
Smart contract code View »
Whitelist / KYC Yes / Yes
Refund policy Yes. Up to 80% »
Risk score Zero risk. View Howey »