Welcome to The Incited Nations!

Glad to have you on board :-)

If you’re seeing this page that means you’ve probably already had a Skype call with Zikry. You’re probably crazy excited to get cracking. And, you’re probably looking for some help. Am I right?

Well, that’s what we’re here for. To provide you with as many resources as possible so that the Incitement movement can spread like an unstoppable pandemic of positivity. So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

What is “The Incited Nations”?

The Incited Nations is an International Guild Union which consists of Incitement Membered countries from around the world. The sole aim of the Incited Nations is to co-create and cooperate in fostering a cooperation in building an abundance of an economy the form of economic development, social progress, innovations of democracy, re-invent humanitarian causes and encouraging the world community to incite positivity in any form of action.

Here are all the resources you need

On this page you will be able to download all the documents, information, materials you need in order to get started with organizing an Incitement. We’ll add logo’s here, branding, how to create what we call “The Incitement Experience”, anything and everything really that we think might be useful to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with your local Incitement.
br> If you feel that information is missing, or feel that there’s certain things you need faster than the other, then please let us know by sending an email to chris@theincitement.com and we’ll try to add your request as quickly as we possibly can.

  • How to contact us
  • If you have any questions or want to request additional information, don’t hestitate to reach out to us either through email or through Skype. You’ll find our cofounder’s contact details below.

    Zikry contact-email-icon zikry@theincitement.com contact-skype-icon azncoolio17

    Daniel contact-email-icon daniel@theincitement.com contact-skype-icon daniel.de.gruijter

  • The Incitement Experience
  • This document will explain to you in detail what kind of experience Incitement is about, and what kind of experience you should try to emulate during any event you put up. If you have any questions, feel free to email Zikry at zikry@theincitement.com. Click to download the PDF below.
    Incitement Event: Your guide to your Incitement Experience

  • Marketing materials
  • Here you will find logo’s, bumpers, trailers, testimonials, templates for you business cards any marketing materials you might need (and we’ll keep it coming). Just click the link below and have a look!
    Download marketing materials

  • FlashSlides Templates
  • The FlashSlide is a short presentation that is usually done by volunteers from the audience. The volunteer will get on stage and do a short presentation with slides he or she has never seen before. This is always a lot of fun! (make sure you have a “backup” volunteer ready, just in case no one volunteers)
    Download FlashSlides Templates

  • Incitement Talk Masterslides
  • You can use these PowerPoint templates to setup your masterslides for your event. Simply insert the data that is required, such as the speaker’s bio and slides, and you’re good to go!
    Download Incitement Talk Masterslides

  • Incitement Talks Worldwide Testimonials
  • If you want to show testimonials by Incitement organizers around the world, download the testimonial pack we’ve prepared for you. It consists of twelve video testimonials from organizers around the world.
    Download Incitement Talk Worldwide Testimonial pack

  • Testimonials from Incitement visitors
  • A crucial element when marketing anything is social proof – meaning reviews and testimonials of people that have attended Incitement before. We have plenty of those luckily! You can also grab the testimonials from www.theincitement.com/reviews.
    Grab video testimonials

  • Creating An Event on EventBrite Guide
  • For all Incitement events around the world we follow a strict template to align branding efforts in various countries (and of course to make your job and ours easier :-)) When you set up your event on EventBrite, please use this template/guide to set up the event. It contains everything from Event Descriptions, to Color Codes of the Incitement logo, to the naming standards for the events.
    Download the Event Guide

    EventBrite Event Description HTML
    When you’re setting up your event on EventBrite you will have to insert an Event Description. Here you can download the template for this. All you have to do is copy and paste the HTML code from the Word document to the HTML editor in EventBrite and customize the text snippets for your event.
    Download the Word doc

    EventBrite Header PSD File
    On all our EventBrite page we use the same header with slight customization for each country. When you click the link below the download will start. You will need Photoshop to open this file! Once you’ve downloaded the file, the EventBrite Guide will explain how to edit the file in 2 simple steps.
    Download the PSD file

  • Incitement Speakers Guide
  • Send this document to your confirmed speakers. Make sure you update the Audience Information in the document, export to PDF and only then send it to your speaker – remind them to send a signed version back to you (including the content & photography release forms).
    Download Incitement Speaker Guide

  • After your first Incitement event
  • So you’ve held your first Incitement event. Awesome! After every event, please take a few minutes to fill up this form. It’ll help us gather data from every Incitement chapter around the world. We will be able to use this data to show the impact Incitement is making around the globe.
    Fill out Incitement post-event form

We’ve made it easy for you

Click below to download all our resources at once.

You might not need all the materials above, but if you do, we’ve made it easy for you by bundling all the resources and putting them up for download in one package.