Standard Event

Inspire your community. Activate your community. Create impact.

Incitement Kuala Lumpur attendees being pumped and hyped up by the beginning of the event.

This is the most common event type for Incitement events. Most organizers choose this event type because it gives them a wider range of options when it comes the organization of it.

About this event type

Once your application for a standard event license is approved, you get to organize 1 (one) event. The license is valid for 6 (six) months, and so your Incitement event must be organized within those six months. For this period of time you will be the sole owner of the unique Incitement event name you provide in your application.

When you have organized your event or your license has expired and you want to organize another Incitement event, you will need to re-apply for a license. You will have pre-emptive rights to obtain the license as the previous organizer. If you decide not to renew you will need to give up the domain name and other properties associated with your Incitement event, and assist in transferring ownership to another licensee.

The following rules apply on all Standard Events

Event naming

Your event should be named after the city, neighborhood/area, or street in which the event is held. For example, IncitementZagreb, or IncitementBangkok. You can read more about the rules for event naming here.


You’ll want to select a theme that matters to the people inside your geographical location; a topic that lives. Your theme should be abstract, broad, and overarching, and should be able to attract a diverse group of attendees. Read more about event themes here.


The audience for your Incitement event will depend a lot on the theme of your event, different themes will attract a different type of audience, so make sure to think your theme through. Generally Incitement events try to attract people who can have a meaningful impact on the world – young or old, male or female, doctor or driver – their background and demographics are really not relevant. Try to attract a diverse group of people that is carefully targeted and curated by you as an organizer.


Your standard event should have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 speakers. Your speakers should be diverse, and come from multiple disciplines so they can approach your theme from different perspectives.


Your standard Incitement event can hold a maximum of 100 attendees. Only 2nd Degree License holders can hold standard events with more than 100 attendees.


Your event can not last longer than 5 hours. Only 2nd Degree License holders can organize events up to 1 (one) day.

Incitement Italy audience engaging each other during a networking exercise

Team building session during Incitement Bologna (Italy). Engagement is very important during any Incitement event.

Incitement audience engaging in an appreciation round

Every Incitement event ends with an Appreciation Round. On this photo spoken word poets Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye receive appreciation from the audience.

An example of a standard Incitement event being held in Mindvalley

A powerful talk on life, by Ezekiel Vicente.