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And inspire and activate your local community to do good

Before you start organizing your Incitement event, have a look at this Organizer Guide. It contains valuable tips & tricks from Incitement organizers around the world. We will be continuously updating this Organizer Guide to provide you with better and better resources.

Incitement Organizer Resources


An introduction to the Organizer Guide. Learn how to create a high-quality INCITEMENT event & experience.

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Branding & Promotion

As an INCITEMENT event organizer you are an ambassador of the INCITEMENT brand. A responsibility not to be taken lightly.

» Discover Branding & Promotion

Programme & Content

Learn how to design a killer event experience, and instantly turn first time attendees into groupies.

» Discover Programme & Content

Speakers & Event Theme

Inspire & activate your audience with incredible speakers. Discover and expose local talent during your INCITEMENT event.

» Discover Speakers & Event Theme


Your event venue is key to creating the perfect INCITEMENT experience, and so is designing the venue. Your venue can make or break your event. Learn how to select the correct venue.

» Discover Venue

Team & Volunteers

In order to deliver an amazing experience for your attendees, whether your event is big or small, you will need a team of amazing people to support you. The quality of your team = the quality of your event.

» Discover Team & Volunteers

Partners & Sponsors

Create win-win partnerships that last with local attendees, venue owners, vendors, caterers, NGO’s, companies, and speakers. The better partnerships you can create, the better your event will be.

» Discover Partners & Sponsors

Photography & Video

One of the reason the INCITEMENT movement has spread over the world so fast is because of the virality around the talks. It is important that you document your event, share it with the world & get them INSPIRED.

» Discover Photography & Video


Inpactor™ is INCITEMENT’s platform for to create tangible, lasting social impact. As an event organizer you should know the platform inside and out, as you will need to pitch it on stage to your audience.

» Discover Inpactor


Aw yeah! Your event was a success, congrats! Time for the final steps to close your event & get your license renewed. Read here how to wrap up your event.

» Discover Post-event

Before you apply you are required to understand more about INCITEMENT. Below you will find some important resources to get you started.


» Organizer responsibilities

» Event types

» INCITEMENT Manifesto