Action Steps

What do I tell sponsors about INCITEMENT?

You’ve identified potential partners and sponsors, so now you’ll have to convince them that INCITEMENT is a good channel for them to spend a part of their budget on. You already know what INCITEMENT is and why we do what we do. Use that to sell the idea of INCITEMENT to them. Share the fact that INCITEMENT is a global movement that encourages individuals to incite positivity in a form of goals, visions, shared knowledge, compelling stories that transforms people‚Äôs inspiration into taking actionable steps and we do this through our INCITEMENT events. In short share with your potential partners and sponsors the INCITEMENT vision and mission: “to inspire local communities through powerful events, and to activate local communities to spread positivity & create social impact through Project Pie.” Show them the countless INCITEMENT events around the world, the impact that is created via Project Pie, and why you think this is what your community needs. Share with them how this is a win-win situation for them as a sponsor, you as an event organizer, and the community itself. Most importantly, show them that YOU are the right person for the job. Here are some example of what benefits your sponsor can reap from sponsoring your INCITEMENT event:
  • Brand exposure
  • Fundraising for their CSR project on Project Pie
  • Networking opportunities
  • Being associated with a notable, global brand
  • Tangible contribution to their community