Event Website

First impressions are important. Make yours count.

An example screenshot of an Incitement event website

You are encouraged to set up a website for you Incitement event. Especially when you are planning to hold Incitement events more frequently, a website is one of the best ways to build an online presence for you Incitement(EventName) brand.

Make sure that your website follows the rules as mentioned in the Incitement Manifesto.

Some general guidelines for building your website

How you build your website is entirely up to you. You just need to make sure to comply with the rules in the Incitement Manifesto. This goes for your domain, too. Here are some basic pointers to increase the quality of your website:

  • Include information that describes what the Incitement movement is (About Incitement) and what your Incitement(EventName) is about. You can be creative as always by adding photos, videos etc.
  • Add widgets where viewers can directly go to your facebook, twitter and instagram page.
  • Your website content also needs some important elements that you should cover. They key here is to keep visitors engaged and informed of your Incitement event. You can think about including a short profile of your team, the program itinerary, dates of possible Incitement Gatherings leading up to your event, content from other Incitement events, etc.
  • Make your copy sound fun and not too serious. You ought to consider adding fun elements to your copywriting. Incitement is an informal gathering, try to reflect that in your copy – this will help you attract the right audience.
  • You can also add email sign ups, so people can subscribe to your newsletter/email updates.
  • If you want to build a website for your Incitement event in your community, you should consider to get your marketing and content team to communicate with your website developer.
  • Be mindful about updating and making your website clean and simple. Make sure to have the most up-to-date info featured on every page; like blog updates, most recent tweets, etc. Remember to add new partners and sponsor logos on the dedicated partner/sponsor page.

Remember the rules:

  • Your sponsors and partner page must be in a separate page and not displayed on homepage.
  • Make sure your web developers and web designer complies to the rules in the Incitement Manifesto
  • Your email list may only be used to deliver information regarding Incitement events. You cannot sell, rent, or otherwie provide your email database to 3rd parties.
  • Sponsor logos cannot be displayed on any other page but a dedicated Partners page.