Forming strategic partnerships to fuel your growth

If you’re looking for a partner to join and be a part of your Incitement event (e.g. venue partners, event producers, photographers), you need to take the time to educate them on what it means to partner with Incitement, and to be part of the Incitement movement. Partners cannot co-brand themselves with the event, but partners receive the same treatment as sponsors. Which means you can display their logo on the screen, inside the videos, and receive all the same benefits sponsors receive (as mentioned in the Incitement Manifesto).

Share the mission and vision of Incitement, and the value and impact that they’ll be creating together with you as an outcome of these events.

To keep in mind:

  • Read the sponsors section of the Incitement Manifesto carefully. It is important that you follow those rules strictly.
  • Partners and sponsors can be speakers at Incitement, in this case the exact same rules apply as on any other speaker.
  • Partners and sponsors have no right for editorial control or taking over your program or claiming content at any time.