Getting the right sponsors for your event

Getting sponsors can be a challenge for many organizers. When approaching a potential sponsor, you’ll need to explain what Incitement is about, excite them about the impact it brings to the community, and convince them it’s worth spending their resources on it. Besides that, of course, you’ll need to explain to your potential sponsors ‘what’s in it for them.’

Government grants & funds

A simple Google search will often give you a lot of potential sponsors already. Most countries have government bodies repsonsible for distributing funds to social impact initiatives. This is a great option for you as an Incitement organizer to tap into. Often you can submit an application form that you can download from their website, and submit this to the organization in question. You’ll likely have to include detailed information about Incitement, all of which you can find online.

Corporate grants & funds

There’s also many companies with CSR budgets and/or companies that are interested in generating more exposure for their brand among their target audience. If their target audience consists of the same type of people as those who are coming to your Incitement event, then you have a match! You’ll want to contact the this company and explain them that you have a great opportunity for them to expose their brand. Explain what Incitement is about, explain what Inpactor is about – and that if they were to become the main sponsor for your event you can feature their project on Inpactor during your event, creating even more brand awareness for them AND a chance to recoup their entire sponsorship amount by raising funds on Inpactor. It’s a win-win deal for you, your sponsors, and your entire community. Key is to make sure you are talking to the right person in the company – someone who can make decisions about sponsorships. Make sure to do your research on this: do an extensive Google search, ask around in your network, find this person on LinkedIn, and most important of all – try to get them on the phone (instead of email). Some potential sponsors will already be familiar with Incitement. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to reach out to sponsors and partners. Some sponsors will only fund one of your Incitement events, but some sponsors would be willing to engage with you on a longer term, and fund your operational cost for several events, an entire quarter, or even the entire year. If you can engage in such a partnership, it is highly recommended.


Before you apply Unless you are operating under a 2nd Degree License, all money raised from sponsorships should go back into organizing the event. Make sure you have an accurate overview of your estimated expenses ready, so you don’t overshoot the amount. You are not allowed to make money from your event if you are operating under a 1st Degree License.