A picture is worth a thousand words. Capture beautiful moments of the experience of the audience, the speakers, the team, the venue. Capture moments full of emotion and passion.

Your photographer

Having more than one photographer is great. The more angles you have, the more beautiful moments you’ll capture. Get the photographers to capture moments even during break time and after the event is done.

An Incitement volunteer photographer in Malaysia

Here are more tips that you can consider as well:

  • Document what makes your event special and all the hard work that goes into it — from local foods, to community supporters.
  • Avoid using flash for speaker- or audience shots; minimize any disturbances during the talks and group sessions
  • Your photographer needs to be a Ninja. He’s there with very little attention and later on he’s gone. Photographer’s movements affect attendee experience, a great photographer is always invisible to attendees.

Sharing your photography

After your event is done, you have to upload the photographs from your event to your Flickr account. You have to create your own Flickr account and upload the pictures there publicly. Use the tag ‘Incitement(EventName)’ and other relevant hashtags. Make sure to credit your photographer in the metadata. After uploading all your photographs to Flickr, you can now share them in all your social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, etc.) websites and also on Inpactor. Here are some tips on sharing your Incitement event photographs:

  • ALWAYS share the photos with the Incitement community and public viewers online.
  • Share the images with everyone that participates and contributes, including event organizers, speakers, partners, sponsors and attendees. Use your event page online to let people see the pictures are up and loaded online once you upload them to flickr. Get them to tag themselves and share it.
  • Make sure to share your photos on social media immediately after your event, people expect to see photos the day after your event.
  • After you’ve uploaded your photographs to Flickr, you can share them on as many platforms as you want. The more platforms you share them on, the better.
  • Make an album on your Incitement(EventName) Facebook page, add a description about your event, and start tagging people so that your friends can start sharing or reposting them, too.
  • Don’t modify your photographs, but you can make them more powerful by adding quotes from your speakers in the description section (not on the photograph itself).
  • Also make sure to attribute your photographer in the description section. Remember that photographers can not superimpose their name or logo on the photograph, or watermark their photos.