Managing Your Team

An overview of the various roles needed during your event

You are the main organizer of this event, and so your team members will look to you for instructions and decision making. You’ll need to manage your team before, during, and after the event.

Here are a list of items that you should check when planning your event:

Pre-event planning

Here are a list of items that you should check when planning your event:

  • Get your team pumped up and excited about the event. Get them to understand the INCITEMENT movement better. Get together and watch videos from previous INCITEMENT events on the official INCITEMENT Youtube channel.
  • Have a task list for your team and give them a reasonable deadline. Get them to create their own timeline and milestones for their specific area of planning.
  • Get together often. Give each other updates on what you have been working on, if you are meeting your deadlines, and what you will be working on next. Figure out ways how you can help each other to be on schedule.
  • Keep it fun… you have to manage your team well to pull off a great INCITEMENT event. At the same time, you have to keep things fun. Make team meetings fun, go for outings as a team, and do activities together to keep team moral high.
  • Manage your own expectations. Give your team low-risk tasks and responsibilities, and see how well they do. If they do well, you can give them higher-risk tasks.
  • You are the leader, but you can also learn from your team. Acknowledge that you may not always be right. This helps make your event planning easier and your event more successful. Try to recruit team members who are more experienced than yourself, or who have a specific area of expertise, so that you can learn, too.
  • If there is an argument between people within your team you should be the mediator. You need to be prepared to make an executive decision to move forward, and get on with organizing your event.
  • Get your team members to be familiar with the INCITEMENT Manifesto. This can help you in avoiding unnecessary problems.
  • Give your team the flexibility to make small decisions. Do not micromanage.
  • Your volunteers are dedicating a lot of their time to help make this event happen, so find ways to show them how grateful you are.

Day of event planning

Sometimes you will encounter situations where you just ran out of leads to recruit for your INCITEMENT team. Our advice here is not to push yourself too much. Ask your other team members to recommend other volunteers. Usually this does wonders, and all the headache that you have in the beginning melts down in minutes. When you’re preparing your team for the event on the day of the event itself, here are some guidelines for you to follow:

  • Double-confirm all your details a couple of days before your event. You should confirm things like the venue, vendors, speaker and volunteers.
  • Ensure that everyone knows their responsibilities for the day, who their team members are, and who to ask when they don’t know an answer. Make sure they know where they should be at all times.
  • Run through the event beforehand to test your system and also your main Powerpoint/Keynote presentation.
  • Have a checklist, this helps you track your progress leading up to your event. For example, a checklist for speakers or testing equipment. Having a checklist for different categories makes your job much easier.
  • Be flexible and have a plan B for everything. It’s inevitable that things don’t go according to plan. Keep that in mind. Don’t get stressed.
  • Get your team together after your event finishes and thank them. They’ve put a lot of time and energy into making your event happen, so show them gratitude. You can take a minute to thank them on stage during the Appreciation Round, take them out for dinner, or you can think of any other way show your team members the appreciation they deserve.