Team Roles

An overview of the various roles needed during your event

Every person on your team should have a designated role to fit their specific skill set. Be prepared as well that sometimes, team members may take on more than one role (one being primary while the other being secondary), depending on the size of your Incitement event of course – just make sure you don’t over load them with too much task and that it’s within their capacity of getting their task done at the end of the day.


You, the licensee, are the main organizer of your Incitement event. You are also the main contact person for The Incitement HQ in Kuala Lumpur. You are responsible for knowing all the rules, regulations, team culture, etc., by heart. Your role is to manage and lead your team. The team doesn’t work under you, but rather they will work with you. As the leader of your Incitement event you should take ownership and responsibility for your event. Here, we provide you with the steps to do exactly that.

Front-end team

The front-end team will usually consist of Floor Manager, Event Manager, Content Maker and the Host

Event Manager

The Event Manager is the person who manages most of your event’s logistics, and is responsible for creating, planning and building the Incitement experience for your audience. The Event Manager is the contact person for all your team members. The Event Manager is also responsible to look for a venue partner who could host the Incitement event.

Content Maker

The Content Maker is in charge of building content for your event. This exists of preparing the Powerpoint/keynote slides for the event, and adding content that will add tremendous value to the audience.


The Host or the MC at Incitement is no ordinary host. She is also an acting facilitator, knows how to entertain the crowd, lively, vocal and able to control the rhythm of the audience. She is also responsible for facilitating the group sessions with the audience, moderating presentations, introducing speakers on stage, controlling the flow of the event, moderating the Appreciation Round, and lastly, giving the call-to-action to the audience by presenting Inpactor. It’s important that you recruit someone who enjoys being on stage and can entertain the crowd while hosting the event.

Back-end team


Get a designer to design your Incitement Logo, website, buntings, banners, poster, etc. If you don’t have a designer, be creative and come up with your own designs. Make sure you are always in compliance with the Logo Guidelines as mentioned in the Incitement Manifesto.


Ensure that your photographer has an eye for capturing moments full of emotion. Get them to take shots of the venue, the stage, etc. You don’t need to have a professional photographer, you can also get a volunteer who is passionate about photography. This creates an opportunity to grow. Make sure you have 2 photographers.

Social Media

This team is responsible of building you event pages and coming up with content to gain attraction and momentum. Get them to prepare the event invitation on Facebook, Eventbrite, or any other social channel you deem fit. This person is also responsible for posting live updates during your event. Get creative!

Video Production Lead

This person is responsible for managing audio and video needs, camera operators, and the livestream (which is optional) for your event. The video production lead has a very important task. Why? Because content is king! So you have to make sure that your team is well prepared and always have a plan B!

Sponsorship & Budget Manager

This person is responsible for raising funds for your event and managing the budget. We recommend someone who has experience in fundraising and financial budgeting, because this is an important element in the event planning process.