Choosing a venue

Make sure you pick the right venue, it is critical to the success of your Incitement event

The venue you choose depends on a couple of factors, for example: the size of your event, location, availability, the readiness of the venue owner to sponsor the venue, etc. Make sure you take these factors in consideration and start scouting for your event venue early on.

Choosing a venue

Size of your event

The bigger your event in terms of attendees, the earlier you should start looking for the venue. Getting a venue for an event of 30 people is much easier than finding a venue for an event that holds 100, 250, or 500 people.

Budget vs sponsorship for your venue

Make sure you know what you can spend on your event venue. Ideally you would get your space sponsored and use it free of charge. Many venue owners are happy to give away their space in return for a packed hall and exposure for their brand. Especially if the values of the venue align with Incitement’s value. If you cannot find a sponsored venue, make sure you plan your budget properly.

Venue location

Be sure to pick a venue that is located strategically for your intended audience. Is the venue easily accessible via public transport for example.

Venue setting

Informal & intimate

At Incitement we strive to faciliate personal connections between the audience, the speakers, and your team members. Try to create a setting in which your audience feel at ease and inspired. Try to make the setting informal. Just think of any corporate event, and do the exact opposite ;-)

Comfortable & creative

Try to set up the venue in such a way, so that it is easy for your audience to get inspired. Use decoration that you wouldn’t normally see at event, use colorful beanbags or pillows to sit on instead of chairs. You should try to find a balance between making your audience comfortable, and keeping the energy high. You will be lots of interactive sessions with your audience, so make sure you have enough room to facilitate these sessions. Be creative.