Venue design

Be creative and give your event an authentic feel to it

There is a lot to do when it comes to event production. We highly recommend you get a dedicated person to work on this, even for smaller sized events. The bigger your event is, the more people you will need to add to the Event Production Team. The goal is to present a beautifully recorded video to the viewers at home.

Here are some of the things you should be aware of when it comes to event production.

Stage setting

Using the official INCITEMENT stage logo

You must use the official INCITEMENT stage logo on your stage, this logo should be visible at all times for your audience and inside the video recording frame. Create the logo according to the Logo Guidelines and place it on your stage.

Remove clutter

Keep your stage as ‘clean’ as possible. Remove all the stuff that is lying around to make the stage look more appealing. Make sure you remove cable, speakers, laptops etc. away from the stage as much as possible, so that they are not at all or minimally visible.

Be creative

Give your event personality by getting creative when it comes to the stage decoration. Use decoration to represent your community, city, country, or culture to make your stage look more interesting. Make sure, though, that the decoration doesn’t take the focus off the speakers. Get creative, but don’t go crazy ;-)

Incitement Italy's example of good design at a global level


Stage lighting

Make sure there is enough light for your speaker to be able to see where they’re going, and to make sure your official INCITEMENT stage logo and decoration is properly visibel by your audience and on the video recording.

Speaker spotlight

Use a spotlight to light your speaker for video recording purposes.

Usage of spotlight during Incitement Kuala Lumpur



Make sure the speaker slides are well visible for your audience. Keep in mind the comfort of your attendees. No one would want to have to turn their head at all times to see the screen. Place the screen in such a way so that it is clearly visible for all your attendees, but it doesn’t obstruct the speaker.

Screen positioning

Your audience should be able to have a clear view on both the speaker and the speaker’s presentation on the screen. If necessary, raise the screen above the speaker. If this is not an option, then place the speaker’s ‘home base’ position to the side of the screen.

Incitement Italy's classic classy venue for their event