About Incitement

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Inspiring you to impact the world. Starting with your own community. Incitement is a thriving, international army of independent event organizers who are passionate about activating their local community to do good, and create social impact, by exposing them to powerful, inspirational events.

Incitement aims to spread positivity through its events, and activate as many people globally to get involved in social impact initiatives. The Incitement movement has spread to almost 40 countries in its first 3 years, and is now looking for YOU to inspire and impact more people… Because the world needs change makers like yourself more than ever now!

All Incitement events, including this Incitement(EventName), is independently organized and operating under a license granted by The Incitement. The Incitement provides general guidelines for the Incitement licensing program, but all Incitement events are independently organized, and subject to certain rules and regulations.

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