Work with Incitement

Incitement connects volunteers to causes to sponsors, and makes it easy for them to contribute to society, create lasting impact, and get rewarded for doing so.

We partner with innovative organizations with passionate audiences, who are engaged and ready to act.

Why partner with Incitement?

We’re a highly contagious and addictive concept that spread like wildfire to over 41 countries within 3 years. Associating your brand with ours will create instant credibility amongst Gen-Y and Milennials.

With a strong background in CSR, experience in a wide variety of social projects, a powerful marketing and branding arm, and an army of volunteers, media partners, and NGO’s, Incitement will get the most out of CSR efforts.

Media exposure

Leveraging our vast network of media partners your brand will receive massive eyeballs. Incitement has grown to 41 countries in under 3 years – we know how to create marketing that inspires.

We attend massive events

We showcase our work at the world’s leading summits such as COP21, Global Transformation Forum, and the World Humanitarian Summit, which means your work will be showcased there, too!

No bureaucracy, please!

We like to get sh*t done, and so our organization is designed so that we can move and adjust quickly. This makes us an incredibly flexible, reliable, and approachable partner.

Refreshing approach

We know how to motivate gen-y and millennials and we’re on top of the latest online marketing techniques. We bring an unconventional approach to doing social work.

We innovate. A Lot.

The industry of “doing good” cries for overhauling, Our lean and agile teams adapt easily to any situation and are not afraid of risk taking, opening up for more creativity and innovation.

You’re in good hands

Our team is armed with degrees in marketing, consumer awareness, branding studies and more. Your brand is in dangerous hands with us – dangerously awesome hands!

Get involved!

Incitement is always looking for partners to collaborate with.

We partner with innovative organizations with audiences who are passionate, engaged and ready to act.
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Sponsoring partners

A big thank you to all the partners who have sponsored Incitement and our projects!

sponsoring partners

Supporting partners

Partners who have supported Incitement by others means than financial sponsoring.

supporting partners

Venue partners

Thanks to all partners who offered their venue to Incitement or one of our social projects.

venue partners

Partnering universities

We also work with a growing list of international universities.

partnering universities

Awards and achievements

We’ve won several awards, nominations and achievements.
View our full list of media mentions

awards and chievements

Get involved!

Incitement is always looking for partners to collaborate with.

If you’re looking to partner up in any way, just shoot us an email. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.