6.5 years experience

Designing & implementing social impact projects

We are a trusted partner of some the world's biggest Brands

We have designed, developed, and implemented CSR initiatives and humanitarian projects for highly reputable Brands, such as Pepsico, FedEx, and L'Oreal, and have implemented multi-national sustainable development programmes for the Malaysian Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Youth & Sports.

We help Brands define and act on a unique social mission that will not only create social impact, but also strengthen their Brand identity to attract more customers.

Flagship social projects

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Simon Sinek

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Our featured projects

We have implemented sustainable development programmes for both corporate and government clients around the world.

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In partnership with the Malaysian Ministry of Finance and National Strategy Unit (NSU), Incitement implemented ten social impact frameworks in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.
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Liter of Light Malaysia

Aiming to eradicate energy poverty around the world, Liter of Light is an official UNESCO partnered initiative under the International Year of Light 2015. So far, Incitement has lit up more than 35 villages.
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Incitement Growth

This initiative started in 2011 to help empower refugee youths in Malaysia, who are denied any form of formal education or employment, by providing them with leadership and development programmes.
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Day One

A unique programme that combines volunteering throughout Southeast Asia with top-notch social entrepreneurship and innovation training by some of the brightest minds in social entrepreneurship.
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Incitement has received wide media coverage for its work.

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Redefining Impact Measurement Standards

In collaboration with Taylor's Education Group, we have developed the Hourglass methodology to help Brands design CSR programmes that fit their Brand and measure the impact.

Brandable & measurable social impact projects

Hourglass is an interactive, hands-on workshop designed for Brands to create, develop, and implement successful social projects by tapping into the team morale, Brand's value system, and overall strategic direction.

The Hourglass workshop was developed by Incitement in collaboration with Taylor's Education Group, and tested by CIMB Islamic, the Malaysian Ministry of Finance, and FedEx Malaysia.

Hourglass is a unique experience for your team.

And a lasting impact on your Brand & the world.

Create social impact

Contribute to solving society's most pressing issues.

Strengthen your Brand

Build your Brand's identity through Impact Marketing.

Boost team morale

Elevate employee morale throughout your organisation.

hourglass by Incitement
Increase productivity

Improve operational efficiency with a more productive team.

Attract more customers

Tap into a growing market of socially conscious consumers.

Attract & retain talent

Attract and keep Gen Y and Millennials in your organisation.

Hourglass comprises of 3 modules:

  1. Project Design
  2. Designing a project tailored to your Brand values and resources to impact both the world and your Brand.

  3. Strategic Alignment & Impact Measurement
  4. Formulating the big picture strategy to maximise and accurately measure social impact.

  5. Impact Marketing
  6. Developing Impact Marketing strategies and tactics to build a movement around the impact and incite a value-driven society.

Incitement's Hourglass trainers are HRDF-certified and are guaranteed to deliver a flawless experience for you and your team.

Hourglass team by Incitement
Zikry with the trainers during the FedEx Hourglass workshop.