A good start for the homeless community

Helping the homeless is not the easiest thing to do. Yes, you can feed them with comfort food or provide them with goodies which will last them for a week or two but if the homeless can learn how to earn a living, this will help them in a long term. Finding the right job for the homeless people are not easy. Hence, The Incitement team came out with a small project which will help the homeless to earn some money, for them to at least sustain themselves throughout the day.

When there’s a will, there’s a way

The Plastic Project came to an idea when The Incitement team is in need of recycled plastic bottle. Instead of buying it from the factory which will cause more plastic usage, recycling is a better option for the environment. However, to get enough supply of recycled plastic bottles takes some time. The homeless people have been making the street their home and little we know, they can also contribute to the society despite their financial status. We figured that starting small would be the best way to keep their momentum going. Although it’s not much of a job for some, this can be a good start for the homeless people. Most of them wanted to earn a living but chances and trusts are not often given to them.

The geographical skills owned by the homeless should not be wasted – no matter who you’re, there’s always a way for you to help one another although money is not in your favour. This project is a “win win” situation for The Incitement team and the homeless people. The team will get enough supply of recycled of plastic bottles and the homeless will get paid for the amount of plastic bottles that they’ve collected. It might not be much for some but it means the world for the homeless. Just imagine the feeling of being able to pay for your own meals instead of begging for it every day. Isn’t that way more convenient? We out of all people are able to relate to this more than anyone else.

Breaking the stigma

More than just bottles, the homeless are now indirectly helping the Orang Asli for a better living. For once in their life, they feel worthy of something. In the future, communities around the world should realize that it takes more than just money to help others. Despite being called worthless, these are the people who actually go on the ground and bring new life to those who desperately need it. While some, are still ignorant of what’s happening around them and choose to ignore even when they’re capable of helping. The Plastic Project is just the beginning of a promising future.

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