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Empowering underprivileged youth

Here’s what Zahra & Fatima think about Incitement

Only through helping others we truly help ourselves

A large part of Incitement’s core is contribution. Incitement Growth is the community’s way of giving back to society. It isn’t something we do on the side because growing interest in CSR dictates us.

Contribution is ingrained our DNA. It’s the core of Incitement. It’s 1 of the 3 pillars Incitement is built around.

ncitement Growth is entirely run by volunteers and growing very rapidly. Currently in Malaysia we’re visiting 2 refugee school and 1 orphanage on a regular basis and the results we’re seeing are staggering.

Thabit of Incitement Growth and the children of Hilla Community Center at the playground
Thabit of Incitement Growth and the children of Hilla Community Center at the playground. – 2012
Incitement Growth working with refugees to build their confidence.

1.5. billion people around the world don’t have the privilege of leading a life like most of us do. 1.5 billion! No access to clean water. No safe environment. No education. No future

Every human being deserves a fulfilling life. A life of:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Safety
  • Personal growth

But for some, it just isn’t going to happen without a little help.

Meet Achmed

Achmed came to Malaysia speaking no english and no Malay

He’s Recently Received A Scholarship And About To Move To The U.S.

Achmed is from Somalia. Comes from a difficult background. Struggled his way up. Learned Malay. Learned English. And is now a role model for all other refugees. We take no credit whatsoever for his success, that’s all him. Watch his entire story in the video on the left.

Meet Fatima & Zahra

And hear from them why Incitement Growth matters

Why is Incitement Growth so important

It’s crucial for kids like Achmed and Fatima to experience that they, too, are brilliant humans beings. The only difference is their circumstances. Now that traditional education is changing, the way we educate Achmed and Fatima needs to adapt as well. Incitement Growth does exactly this. Empowering underprivileged youth.

Sheena and Emilia, 2 volunteers at Incitement Growth with refugees of Hilla Community Center
Sheena and Emilia, 2 volunteers at Incitement Growth with refugees of Hilla Community Center – 2013

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

We’ve heard this millions of times before. And now that education is slowly but surely morphing into self-education, schooling slowly transforming into home-schooling, it’s the perfect time to teach the less-privileged “how to fish” Incitement-style.

We’ve been visiting Fugee School for a bit over 6 months now (today it’s 5th May 2013), and already we can reap the fruits of what we can barely call labour.

Outside of school hours the refugees are organizing their own mini-Incitements. A competition to see how has the best ideas — who is the best public speaker.

Check the video below

We’re Building A Platform

This proverbial ‘fish’ needs to go. It’s not helping. Instead we need to start handing out fishing rods. And teach these children how to use these rods.

The fish being traditional ways less privileged are currently being educated. The fishing rod the platform we’re building. Incitement Growth teach them how to use the platform.

Here’s The Plan

And it’s actually very simple…

  1. Teach children how to speak up. Get more confident. Step out of their comfort. Start dreaming again.
  2. Now they have a voice, make sure they’re being heard. This is where the online Growth Platform comes in.
  3. Provide the necessary knowledge and tools (online and offline) so they can start educating themselves, and start acting on their dreams. Everything is possible online.
  4. Build a community of leaders, visionairies and changemakers to incite their communities.
  5. Gain support, connections and donations to achieve their goals together.

Make a contribution. Start today.

Join Incitement Growth.

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