Thank you for giving light!

To everyone who has supported the #givelight campaign, either through donating or sharing, thanks a ton! It wouldn’t have been possible to light up the village of Kampung Teras without your help! The campaign has yielded around 45k MYR, which is enough to power up the entire village.

All the families, including the one you donated to, will now receive solar powered lights around their house. Thanks to you, they won’t ever have to sit in darkness again! Read the blog post about the #givelight campaign for a full and detailed campaign overview update.

All of the celebrity campaigns have now ended but you can still donate to Jason Lo’s campaign. Any funds received will go towards installing extra solar powered lanterns for inside the villagers houses. Click here if you want to contribute.

The families of Kampung Teras thank you for lighting up their community!


Brands and celebrities unite to #givelight

A line up of 7 Malaysian celebrities carried out embarrassing and funny online challenges online to get their fans and viewers to donate to this campaign. Here are the celebrities who helped make this campaign into a success.

Sponsoring Partners #givelight campaign Incitement Liter of Light Malaysia
Other than celebrities, big brands were also involved. Here’s the list of corporate sponsors who chipped in for the #givelight campaign.

Sponsoring Partners #givelight campaign Incitement Liter of Light Malaysia

You gave light to Kampung Teras

Without your contributions, this small community would have never had the chance to receive the basic necessity that they deserve: light at night. Read the full campaign overview here

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  • #givelight to Kampung Teras

    WATCH: Living without Light

Two volunteers from Incitement Global working with Liter of Light Malaysia fixing a solar light.

The #givelight campaign…

Kampung Teras is a small community of 112 people just an hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur. For us city folks, it’s hard to imagine these people live without electricity. Each family sits in complete darkness as soon as the sun goes down.

Lighting up their village with solar powered lights will improve community safety and enable the kids to study at night. So let’s work together to #givelight to this village!

Click here to #givelight! If you can’t donate, sharing this page will also help. :-)

What’s this about?

We’re Incitement, a grass-root social movement on a mission to spark real, positive impact in the world. Through one of our projects, Liter of Light Malaysia , we aim to eradicate energy poverty in Malaysia. To date, we’ve powered up 22 entire villages, lighting up the lives of almost 3,000 Malaysians. (For a detailed update, check out our Impact Report.)

Incitement Volunteers get rewarded for participating in the Liter of Light project

908 solar lights installed

We have installed 908 solar power lights in the rural areas of Malaysia.

Almost 3,000 Malaysians no longer have to live in darkness thanks to Liter of Light Malaysia

2,927 lives touched

2,927 people now have light at night thanks to Liter of Light Malaysia.

This is the impact we’re working for!

Create a safer environment for the people of Kampung Teras by donating to our campaign

More sustainable communities

Safety hazards in the village will be significantly reduced (e.g. no more need for campfires inside the house).

Access and quality of education will improve for the kids of Kampung Teras by donating to our crowdfunding campaign

Access to education

Children will be able to study at night, which will lead to better opportunities for education.

The environment will be safer for the people of Kampung Teras, by donating to our campaign

Safer environment

The environment will be safer and the villagers will be less prone to snake bites and wild animal attacks.

We're saving CO2 emissions by installing solar lights instead of regular street lamps

Reduced carbon footprint

Our lights have no CO2 emission so they significantly reduce the carbon footprint.

Liter of Light instills a sense of responsibility in its volunteers

Youth empowerment

Liter of Light instills a sense of social responsibility into the mindset of the volunteers who partake in this project.

Reduced inequalities thanks to solar lamps

Reduced inequalities

By giving better access to education we ensure equal opportunities and reduce inequalities of income.

Help us #givelight!

The #givelight campaign has ended, but you can still donate to Jason Lo’s campaign!

Go to the campaign page and donate a few ringits if you can spare them. It would really mean a lot to the families living in Kampung Teras. Oh, and please share this page! :-)

If the campaign below hit it’s funding target, TuneTalk’s CEO Jason Lo’s is going to do an awesome challenge! Trust us, you don’t wanna miss this one! Amber Chia, Cloe Chen, the Sharifah Sisters and Reshmonu have already committed with a challenge of their own (scroll down to see).