60 solar lights, 60 volunteers, 1 mission

Join Liter of Light sponsored by PepsiCo & light up the lives of 60 families!

Are you passionate about making a positive change in the lives of your fellow Malaysians? In celebration of 60 years of independence for Malaysia, PepsiCo is recruiting 60 volunteers to install 60 solar powered lights in an Orang Asli village in Cameron Highlands.

Scroll down below and enter the contest if you want to be a part of PepsiCo’s Merdeka celebration in collaboration with Liter of Light.

Join the contest in in three simple steps:
PS: Be quick, because the 60 available spots will be gone fast!

    Enter the contest

    The first step is to scroll down below and enter the contest by visiting PepsiCo Malaysia’s Facebook page. As soon as you’ve done that, you’ve earned one point!

    Earn points

    Visiting PepsiCo Malaysia’s Facebook page is enough to enter the contest, but volunteers will be selected based on the amount of points that they’ve earned. You can earn more points by sharing posts, tweeting, explaining what Merdeka day means to you or uploading a video.

    Come out on top!

    There’s a total of 28 points to earn. It’s pretty safe to say that, when you’ve earned the maximum number of points, your chance of being selected for the build is high. The winners will be selected on Tuesday, August 1st. The build takes place over the weekend August 5th and August 6th.

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Why you should join

Join us in our mission to light up the lives of underprivileged Malaysians and help us create more impact by signing up as a volunteer for the PepsiCo Merdeka build. It’s a lot of fun!

Incitement Volunteers get rewarded for participating in the PepsiCo Liter of Light project

Awesome experience

Be part of a team of 60 passionate volunteers and have one of the best weekends of your life.

Almost 3,000 Malaysians no longer have to live in darkness thanks to Liter of Light Malaysia and PepsiCo

Celebrate Merdeka!

60 volunteers installing 60 lights in celebration of 60 years of independence for Malaysia. You can be part of it!

The Agenda

Day 1 – Saturday August 5th


Gather at Makespace
(next to Quill City Mall)




Building starts


One hour lunch-break
(lunch is provided)


Resume building


Finish building, wrap up, clean


End of build

Day 2 – Sunday August 6th


Gather at Bangsar LRT


Arrive at Ringlet


4WD into jungle


Arrive at village; start installation


Lunch break
(lunch is provided)


Finish installation


Dinner with villagers
(dinner is provided)


Witness lights turn on at night


Clean up and prep for departure


4WD back to Ringlet


Arrive at Ringlet / Depart to KL


Arrive in KL

Liter of light Malaysia will give you an unforgettable volunteering experience. If you’re up for a challenging and productive weekend, register yourself today and be part of this kick-ass volunteering team for the PepsiCo Merdeka Build!

Enter the contest to join! (The more points you score, the higher the chance of being selected!)

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