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You can light up an entire community

With a powerful marketing and branding arm and an army of volunteers, media partners, and NGO’s, Incitement will get the most out of your CSR efforts. So far, 20 villages have been lit up through company’s CSR initiatives. Your brand can be next on the list.

A strategic alliance with Incitement and Liter of Light Malaysia will boost your sales, increase your team’s morale, and strengthen your company’s brand, all while delivering sustainable impact.

Have a look at our CSR Proposal to see how we can create impact while making it worth your while.

It’s not a donation, it’s an investment

Your customers expect the brands they purchase from to operate socially responsible; in a sustainable, ethical, and open manner. This goes for millennials in particular, a group with increasing disposable income.

Doing CSR the right way can skyrocket your brand’s value and revenues. Research is showing more and more how strong CSR programs have a direct long-term impact on the bottom line of your business.

Did you know?

of consumers are more likely to buy from brands with good reputations.
of sales are directly linked to your corporate reputation.

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