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An unforgettable experience

Liter of light Malaysia will give you an unforgettable volunteering experience. If you’re up for a challenging and productive weekend, register yourself today and be part of this kick-ass volunteering team!

What you need to know

It is important that you understand what it takes to volunteer at Incitement’s Liter of Light Malaysia. So before you apply, read this part carefully.

    First come, first serve

    We get more volunteers than we can handle (yes, our projects are that awesome!). For every build only 50 volunteers are needed. The first 50 volunteers to apply get to join. Make sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter (scroll down) to be the first to hear about available builds.

    No show = no more go

    Without committed, passionate volunteers it is impossible for us to run these projects. Your role is very important. Once you are accepted and decide to cancel last minute, or not show up at all, you will be removed from our mailing list and no longer be allowed as a volunteer for any projects.

    Only 2-day volunteers are accepted

    You must be available for the entire weekend (Saturday and Sunday, both the full day). On day 1 we build and assemble the lights and on day 2 we install them in the villages. If you can only make it on one of the days, then DO NOT apply, your application will be rejected.

    Be on time and on your best behaviour

    You will have an incredible experience volunteering with Incitement’s Liter of Light, but remember that we are doing this to help the underprivileged communities. We will make sure you have an awesome time, as long as you make sure to follow the schedule and instructions carefully. We are on a tight schedule and cannot wait on latecomers.

    Take care of yourself and each other

    We will be going deep into the jungle to visit the indigenous villages of Malaysia. This is not only very adventurous, but can also be dangerous. In this form you are required to agree with Incitement’s terms & agreements. These terms and agreements fully indemnify Incitement and Liter of Light for any losses, damages, injuries, casualties, or any form of prejudice or hurt caused by and/or inflicted upon you or anyone else. Make sure you take good care of yourself and others around you.

    You have read and accepted the volunteer waiver form

    When you apply as a volunteer for Incitement you accept and agree to the terms & conditions as listed in the volunteering waiver form here.

    You have successfully passed the Liter of Light quiz

    We are looking for passionate and committed volunteers only. That’s why we ask you to prove your commitment by completing a short quiz. We’ll show you some video’s and ask you to answer questions based on those videos. If you pass, congrats! You qualified to be a Liter of Light volunteer. If you don’t, no worries, just try again until you get it right.

The Agenda

Day 1 – Saturday


Gather at Makespace
(next to Quill City Mall)




Building starts


One hour lunch-break
(lunch is provided)


Resume building


Finish building, wrap up, clean


End of build

Day 2 – Sunday


Gather at Bangsar LRT


Arrive at Ringlet


4WD into jungle


Arrive at village; start installation


Lunch break
(lunch is provided)


Finish installation


Dinner with villagers
(dinner is provided)


Witness lights turn on at night


Clean up and prep for departure


4WD back to Ringlet


Arrive at Ringlet / Depart to KL


Arrive in KL

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