Terms of Use – Incitement Reboot

These terms and conditions set out your rights and obligations in connection with your equipment donations to Incitement. All the terms of this agreement are legally binding, so please read them through carefully.

Incitement agrees that:

1. Erase all previous owner’s’ data from the donated equipment, using the secure data wipe method meeting standards of the Microsoft Registered Refurbishment Programme. In case that donor has special requirements on data wiping, Incitement will meet the needs of the donor in accordance with the company’s capabilities.
2. Wipe out all recorded data 16 times from any hard drives ensuring that no data is retrievable.
3. Responsibly recycle any equipment that is deemed to be unsuitable for re-use.
4. Arrange for the donated equipment to be distributed in Malaysia, to non-government organisations for the purposes of education and humanitarian welfare.

The donor agrees to:

1. Be the legal and rightful owner of the equipment which they propose to donate.
2. They will donate the equipment to Incitement free of charge.
3. Transfer legal ownership of the donated equipment when physical possession of such equipment takes place.br> 4. Indemnify Incitement of the equipment against any third party claims relating to the transfer of the equipment and against any claims relating to the use or misuse of the equipment.
5. Incitement can supply the donated equipment to any organisation that meets the specified criteria.

Minimum specifications for donations:

1. Incitement can collect equipment in any conditions and with any specifications.
2. Only equipment which meets the minimum requirements will be donated to NGOs.
3. In instances when Incitement receives donated equipment from the Donor that does not meet the minimum requirements, the equipment will be a) responsibly recycled through certified recycling factories, or b) re-used entirely or in parts to build complete systems.

Beneficiaries of the donations

Only fully registered organizations or proven underprivileged communities can receive IT equipment donations. Types of organizations eligible to receive computers from Incitement are NGOs, Community Centers, Orphanages, Welfare Homes and Social Programmes.