“Anything the mind can imagine, the hands can build”

Space traveling, Hyperloop, electric cars, multi-million dollar skyscrapers. The world is evolving fast. Technology is causing exponential progress. And all these vast changes over the past decades make today’s world into one the most equipped societies ever existed.

Yet, even though the world is modernizing at an almost inimitable pace, a large part of society is still left unattended. Whereas one side progresses faster and faster, another side is falling deeper into stagnation. The contrast is sharp. The disparity extremely visible. And even though quality of life has dramatically increased for most of us, you don’t need to look far to see that many amongst us still suffer, and often don’t even have access to life’s most basic necessities.

Introducing: the #givelight campaign

The Liter of Light foundation is the United Nation’s official partner for SDG #7: affordable & clean energy. (Visit the Liter of Light Malaysia website here) #givelight allows YOU to contribute directly to the UN’s 2030 vision of eradicating poverty.. With your contribution we can bring affordable & clean energy to those who need it the most. In this case to the 112 people living Kampung Teras, Malaysia.

About Kampung Teras

Kampung Teras is located just a few minutes off Jalan Kuala Slim, in Perak – a state in Malaysia with countless of marginalized communities – and their central location the wellbeing of the villagers has gone ignored completely. They have no access to clean drinking water, often live in run down houses because there is no money to maintain them, and at night the village is pitch black due to the lack of electricity causing dangerous, and sometimes life-threatening situations.

Here’s Uncle Mi talking about the situation in Kampung Teras

How you can #givelight

Simple! You can donate in 5 simple steps.

Here’s how it works

  1. Click here to go to the #givelight campaign page
  2. Scroll down select the family you want to support
  3. Click the blue ‘DONATE NOW’ button
  4. Pick your perk (yes! you will be rewarded for your support!)
  5. Pick your donation amount & easily pay online

For as little as 50RM you’ll receive an official UNESCO certificate for your participation.

Oh… and to make it even better, the entire Incitement team has committed to do a challenge for every family that reaches its funding goals. So get ready for a good laugh ;-)

This is where your donation will go

Below is the map of the village. The red and brown squares are the houses. The yellow dots are the lights we’ll place with your contribution.

Through this campaign we’re looking forward to help the Orang Asli families living in Kampung Teras. A light inside their home is a future full of possibilities. End their year well and #givelight to the community in Kampung Teras.

Here’s the difference a light can make

  • Children can study at night
  • No more dangerous encounters with wild life at night
  • Access to flowing water at night
  • Ability to be productive at night
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Click here to make a donation to the families in Kampung Teras. For every family that gets funded is a step closer to eradicate serious energy poverty in Malaysia. #givelight