Perspective, Perspective, Perspective.
What is Perspective? From Oxford Online Dictionary explained,
Perspective is a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.
Everyone heard about how the change of perspective on your surrounding will benefit you. How this would bring more happiness and positive in your mindset and thus, will help to change the way you think and act. I believe if you are a person that had changed your perspective in life, you would understand the influence it had on your daily life style and on the way you approach thing. It happened to me too.

But how would these changes helps others around you?

The power of inciting

When you change your perspective on life towards positivism, it helps others that observe their environment to notice your change of attitude and behavior. Indirectly, it helps others to be motivated by your action and your approaches to problems. For example, if you are a project manager, a boss or a leader in a group, try to change the way you approach or view problems using positive sense, you will notice that the people around will started to look up to you and started to view you as their motivation figure. Thus, this action of growing yourself, will indirectly inspire others to perform the same way. The indirect effect.

The power of acknowledgement

Acknowledgement is one of the most powerful words. Acknowledge the existence of others, acknowledge the work of others, acknowledge the love of others. These are some of the powerful sentences that others neglected. Acknowledge is a part of the effects of changing your perspective. When you change your perspective towards positivism, you started to observe and notice others, being grateful to their work and their efforts. Thus, it helps others to be empowered with trust and believe by you. Acknowledging is a direct effect of your action.

Cycle of life

What goes around, comes around. The cycle effect of interdependence. You would know this if you ever trying to quit some bad habits that results in failure. You will tend to notice that motivation or change of perspective is fragile, it will easily changed or broken, this is as same as trying to ditch a bad habit and fail repeatedly. But when you started to incite and acknowledge in the beginning, you will tend to notice, others will start to spread these effects like you did. How you help them and they will help others.

As the cycle goes, these effects will come back to you. This interdependence effect will help to maintain your motivation, believe and views of life and this my friend, will help you stand tall and firm on the ground with the support of others as a bridge, and this bridge goes long and strong as long as you believe. Incitement Perspective
Direct, Indirect and Cycle effect of change of perspective that helps you and others. I believe that others notice more, so…

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