Growing up in the city without ever having to worry about the lack of basic necessities is often taken for granted. Hit the shower, turn on the water tap, switch on the light, drying your hair, and the routine repeats itself every day, because we know, all these resources which make our live easier will always be there without any limit to the access. Sometimes, we even forget that having easy access to electricity and clean water is an absolute privilege, rather than a basic need – especially in the global scene today.

Your Life Compared To That Of An Orang Asli

Little that we know, in other parts of the country that we are living in right now are villages craving for the privilege that we take for granted every day. The community living in the depths of rural areas demand the access of basic needs just for the sake of surviving their daily life. Unfortunately, the supply and demand process does not work as easy for certain groups of the community like the “Orang Asli” due to the fact that they are living much farther from other major communities in the country; and according to a UNDP report in 2007, there are more than a billion people in the Asia Pacific region do not have access to electricity.

The Difference A Light Can Make

What is more surprising, just by having lights in the comfort of your own home, it can change the world for some people especially to the Orang Asli commune; how is your life so far?
Top 5 things that happen with or without lights

Let’s be the change!

Certain countries like Malaysia, are still dealing with issues regarding energy poverty among the indigenous communities. However, with the solar powered lights, the indigent condition of “Orang Asli” can be improved. And what’s more, we can now be a part of the solution!

An individual can change the world and collectively, it will bring enormous impact to the community. Like all of us, the indigenous community needs light to light up their home as much as we do. With lights, they can receive education, see each other’s faces at night and avoid any danger after sunset.

Let us change the world now. Bit by bit energy poverty can be eradicated. Let us be part of the solution rather than waiting for the world to change itself. Start now and light the lives of families TODAY! Support our cause through Liter of Light Malaysia and be the change you want to see.

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