“Let’s get real, let’s get really fearlessly authentic.”

Being your authentic self is easier said than done. With society telling us who we are supposed to be, friends and co-workers judging us, and parents telling us how to live, being authentic may be a challenge.

To be authentic, means to be real and honest with yourself. Celeste Parins describes it as your thoughts aligning with your words and actions. In her speech, she explains the importance of authenticity and it’s amazing impacts on one’s life.

As kids, we are completely authentic – I mean, when was the last time you saw a kid caring about having thrown a tantrum about not getting ice cream? Kids don’t care about what others think of them, they are fine with showing the world their true selves. Sadly, this doesn’t last very long. Celeste said that we are programmed by our parents to act a certain way, so we don’t embarrass ourselves. As we become teenagers, we are pressured by our peers to look and act specifically, or else, they may not accept us. I have certainly found this to be true in my teen years. Even when doing my best to be my authentic self, I collapsed under the pressure of judgment and started being someone I’m not, just so that I could fit in.

As teenagers progress into adulthood, there can be a fundamental shift. This shift happens, if the teen makes the decision to stop being who society wants him or her to be, and starts being him/herself. Of course, this decision takes willpower and may not lead down an easy road. As you get older, the media can overwhelm you with all kinds of beauty ads because, ‘you better not age and look 20 forever’. This is especially true for women. It almost seems like society doesn’t want you to be happy with who you are.

The key to being your authentic self is to listen to your ego and authentic voice, and learn to listen to the authentic one. Your ego voice will be the one telling you that everything is going wrong and that other’s are not as good as you. Your authentic voice is the one that completely aligns with who you are, and looks at things from a positive perspective.

I agree with Celeste and believe that I am going through my fundamental shift. I have found that if I am honest with myself, by not pretending to be someone I’m not, I am in a much happier state. I have found myself not caring about what others think of me anymore, because if I were to care, then I wouldn’t live for myself, but for them, and frankly, that’s not how I want to live my life. We are not here to constantly please others, but we are here to learn how to live a loving live.

I’d rather be myself and therefore have fewer friends, however, the right ones. This means, that the friends that I do have, like me for me, and therefore I live an honest life with both them and myself. And that makes life worth living.

By being authentic, life is so much easier and more peaceful. There is less bickering between the ego and authentic voices in your head and all choices come from the heart, and are in all honesty. There is nothing greater than simply being who you are and not caring whether or not you are judged for it.

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