Kickstart your NGO fast…

Use these 4 tools to quickly and effectively build a profitable (social) business.

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Kickstarting your NGO the right way

How we built a social business that spread to 45+ countries using these 4 simple tools

The Incitement toolkit contains easy-to-use plug-and-play finance sheets, a guide on how to apply for 10,000 USD in free monthly advertising budget, pitch deck templates that blow your competition out of the water, and an impact measurement tool called Hourglass™.

Incitement Toolkit

Incitement’s cofounders Daniel & Zikry built a profitable social business that spread like wildfire to 45+ countries in less than 3 years, using these exact tools.

This is the only toolkit you’ll ever need to build and scale your own social business or NGO from scratch. And it’s available for the ridiculously low price of $49 only $19!

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How the NGO toolkit will help you

Don’t build your social business or NGO on sand!

Think about it… what’s the most important thing for any business out there? That’s right, having a solid and stable financial basis and establishing opportunities for growth. The Incitement NGO toolkit for (social) businesses and start-ups has you covered on both. Get access to our plug-and-play financial sheets and state-of-the-art pitch decks that we use time and time gain to line up investors behind our cause. Order your NGO toolkit here and get instant access ($49 $19).

If you’re struggling to kickstart your business, then this toolkit is for you. Here are some of the benefits you will reap when you purchase the NGO toolkit today…

Plug & Play

We spent hours, weeks, even months crafting simplified finance sheets that provide great insight into your business’s performance, with little maintenance on your end. Just plug it into your laptop and play!

WOW your investors

Our NGO pitch decks are state-of-the-art and extremely well tested and fine tuned. Blow your competition out of the water with pitch decks that will line up the investors and sponsors behind your cause.

Free $10.000 advertising budget

Are you an NGO looking for grants and funds? How about a free monthly $10k for you to spend on Google’s Search network? Sounds like a sweet deal, right? That’s because it is! :-)

Measurement & Accountability

Incitement together with Taylor’s University created an impact measurement tool called Hourglass™. Use this tool to measure your NGO’s social impact and be accountable toward your stakeholders.

Focus on growth

Kickstarting your NGO can be a real pain in the ass. Trust us, we know all about it. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus solely on growing your company, by getting access to the exact same tools we used to scale our business to 45+ countries.

Focus on your core business

You could spend endless amounts of time crafting your finance sheets and pitch decks, while you could also be focussing on your core business. Use Incitement’s NGO toolkit instead, we already did the dirty work for you.

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  • subscribed: 600

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Incitement cofounders Daniel de Gruijter (l.) and Zikry Kholil

Incitement: the next generation social business
With grit and care Incitement is pushing the boundaries of social businesses to the next level. We believe firmly that doing business in an ethical manner really isn’t all that hard. Purpose and profit can go hand in hand seamlessly – and we are on a mission to prove it to you.

Today’s your chance to get access to the 4 tools we used to push our social business and NGO to the next level. Get your NGO toolkit today for $49 only $19!