Incitement – How to find your passion, by Amir Ahmad Nasr @ Incitement Talk
A few months back, Incitement had a topic theme which was tailored to how individuals could find that passion which would drive them to excel with abundance. We really believe enabling individuals to explore their possibilities in finding that one epic call to action which would lead them being passionate and has its paramount role in fulfilling a greater and happier life. While we were preparing for that episode of Incitement, I had a call one night from a great friend of mine who’s been touring around the world giving speeches and sharing forums.

Meet Amir Ahmad Nasr

I’ve personally known him for 10 years and the success that he has from being that high school joker in class to a regular guest speaker in tier one media coverage absolutely blew my mind. Amir Ahmad Nasr, who has been following Incitement relatively closely. Essentially, Amir is known for many things. He’s a blogger behind The Sudanese Thinker, nominated 3 times in a row for the Weblog Awards, speaker at the Oslo Freedom Forum, speaker at events organized by MIT and Harvard’s Berkman Center, being featured in Al Jazeera and The Guardian and his list goes on and on and it was a privilege to have such calibre experience person speaking at our Incitement.

What are the 3 C’s?

He’s already published a book that’s coming out in a few months, an internet marketing consultant, and pursuing his Masters at the same time. And on top of that, apart from his brilliant and always active mind, he’s just a really awesome, super knowledgable and an inspiring guy to be around with. Amir’s journey that made him what he is now can be described as “powerful and moving” which will interest anyone who seeks a story that they can learn from.

During that Incitement where he presented, Amir talks about ‘How to find your passion’ and explains his concept of ‘The 3 C’s’ in life; Circumstances, Choices and Consequences.

Amir believes that the 3 C’s is what makes you decide to take that sudden act which would eventually become an entity to what you’ll more likely be passionate about. The 3 C’s is what makes you lean to an idea which you have experienced in your every day life (Circumstances), prompted you to make a decision to what you should do about it (Choice), and face the reality and the future outcome from the decision you made (Consequences).

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What are your 3 C’s?

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