“When I was younger and in elementary school, the report cards have a page that tracked my ambitions from primary 1 to primary 6. I was required to write down at least four different career options that I wanted to pursue as I grew older.

What I wrote in order or importance was surgeon, fireman, police officer and soldier. Although they all seem to be noble professions that contribute to the betterment of the community and country, it was not what I wanted to be.

I had no idea actually.

How could I know? I was a child still living in my own fantasies at that age so I wrote my ambitions as how it would make my parents and teachers happy.

And for decades long, I believed in what I wrote.”
If your story is similar to mine, are you doing what you love? More importantly, are you doing what you are meant to do?

From a very young age, I was moulded to believe that by 18 years of age, I have to enter college, by 21 a graduate with a degree and entering the workforce, by 30s a manager married with two beautiful kids with my own home in the city, retire by 60 and enjoy the rest of my life with my family.

My life was being manufactured.

It came to me one day after being aware that I was being moulded to comply to a system, playing within someone else’s rules and building someone else’s dream that I said to myself that enough is enough. I carefully planned my exit from my comfortable corporate job and went on to be a motivational speaker cum social entrepreneur. Now charting a different path from the intended system, I have absolutely no idea where I will end up but I know it’ll be somewhere I want to be.

For those who are reading this article and resonate with the message, keep doing the good work you love. At every possible moment, do not give up on your passion and your purpose because it will never give up on you. Work on it while waiting for a meeting to start, in the bus, on the road, in between meals or whenever you have the opportunity to do so because the work that you do is the greatest gift to yourself and to the world.

Know that as you are working on yourself and putting your talents out to the world, you are giving others permission to do the same. Your work is the living testimony that it’s possible and it’s necessary.

Keep yourself surrounded with positive people. Discard the negative. When those close to you laugh and toy with your dreams, do not falter instead work louder. The only reason why people discourage others from pursuing their own dreams is because they don’t see themselves pursuing theirs.

Persevere and never give up.

Do you agree?

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