Sometimes I find that the purpose of school is lost, that the reasons we go to school are no longer to grow and learn. But to memorize specific information that the examiner will give us a mark for in our final exams. We memorize this in order to get A’s – but what for?

To get into a top university? So that we get to memorize even more theory for our next exam? And this in order to get a high salary job? In the end, sadly, it’s all about money for most.

However, education did not start on the basis of money. And still, I don’t think it should be about making money. But it should be about sharing knowledge with each other, and to learn to be open to new information. Through knowledge we grow. Through growth we evolve. And evolving as a human being is the ultimate goal in life, isn’t it?

There is so much information out there that is unknown to us. There are millions of places to discover and there’s an infinite supply of information that no one person will ever know.

So, what is education really for?

An education is the beginning of life. It is the catalyst to discover and experience the unknown. It makes you think, understand and question. Education is the only way forward at first, to allow every individual being to learn the basics, and then choose their own path. If they are not shown all the different opportunities and perspectives, then how would we know what we want to do, and who we want to be? If we cannot make sense of our choices and everything surrounding us, we might just get completely lost in the whirlpool of information.

Originally, education was not made for memorizing. However, this is what it has become. It has become a competition, who gets the best grades and is therefore the smartest? Intelligence is based on exams. And exams are based on memorizing skills. It is not based on who is able to understand, decipher and think outside the box. No, if your answer does not include the word photosynthesis, it’s wrong, even though it is described correctly. If you look at it from a different angle, wrong again. Therefore, you may be one of the smartest people out there, but get nervous in exams. And then your report card says otherwise.

For now, however, I am grateful to have an education. To be able to learn life long skills. Because without the knowledge I have now, I’d probably be nowhere, doing nothing, not even reading. It is so important, it has helped shape my life and the life of many others. And it is only the beginning…

Education is already slowly changing. Taking on different forms and shapes. And although the vehicle of education might be changing, there’s one things that should never change – our everlasting hunger for knowledge and growth.

What are your thoughts this post?

How would you change the current education system, if you could?

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